Tuesday, 11 May 2010


what a week. ive been a bit away from wickedland recently, because i have been trying to concentrate on uni. but now thats out the way, im back on this shit.

first up, me and dan saw this on call of duty. it is not jimlad. it is a fake.

seriously a man, no lie. no games.

this guy was feeling planks of wood round near the uni and talking to his dog going "look at that fucker ay? fucking hell! looking at that!"

spy vs spy.

this guy gets it right for a god head. i dont really like religion, but i love this guys billboards. it is on the church on the corner of upperton road, narborough road junction and he always has up a different billboard, in the similar style with a play on words to do with religion. they always bring a smile to my face, so from now on ill get pictures and post up.
ps. this isnt a gold one, i know the pressure is on, but some of them genuinely are very clever.

keiran faced up his favourite bay again and insisted on me taking a picture of it. here is said picture.

this girl had foundation all over the sleeve of her top, you can see it a little bit, couldnt get a better picture because she kept looking at me, it was bait. still though, you seen it? STOP PAINTING YOUR FACE

laziness at the cashpoint.

im collecting world cup stickers this year. i got two packs, and instantly got the world cup trophy. naturally i was buzzed out. the whole thing, getting them at random and opening them, getting some obscure african player you have never heard of, then someone really good! the feeling of disappointment when you get a swap.

i emptied out my change pot and went round to the co-op and bought 5 more packs. they are 50p each now, you only get 5 stickers and you dont always get a shiny. either way its not stopped me, ive spent nearly £20 this week on stickers.
i figured out, if you get all the stickers in the book, with no swapsies its going to cost 63 pounds. factor in swaps and you might as well double that.

me and darryl were meant to be playing this gig on saturday night. we went into town, got there and there was literally about 5 people inside. we didnt play.

all the other street lamps are looking at it and talking about it. "you are getting it wrong mate!" "come on pal, think about it!"

i rolled a big sticker into a cone at work on sunday. good innit.

stelling on that carried england advert thats on at the minute. you seen the bit about bobby robson? fucking hell. stelling at 1:11.

we watched chelsea spank wigan and go on to become champions round georges. i also lost 20 pounds to john because liverpool cannot score one goal past hull.
i hate this cunt so so much, he is intending on seeing out his contract at liverpool. fucking shit bastard.

sam and dan were planing on going to the lesta playoff semi final against cardiff on sunday. sam elliott lost his phone on the way down to lesta and as a result, dan (with the tickets) missed the game. sam managed to get down to the stadium and get in, because he explained all about the missing tickets, giving booking reference numbers, card holders name ect ect. dan didnt go.

i pulled an all nighter this day. from 7.30 sunday morning through to about 11 monday morning. from the photo of the street lamp being on i had not been sleep yet.
hand in for the graphics unit of the course is in this tall, rank, square grey building.

i left the library with dani and seb at about 7 o clock monday morning and still had a few things left to do.

i got them done, went, handed in my work and nearly fell asleep at uni. i couldnt wait for bed.

that evening after some nice, well deserved sleep i saw a march of jesus people. it was fucking mental, i was stood there thinking "its not fucking christmas!" they were singing a song, and there was loads of people following them.

i got a little video, but my phone was set to record a video for sending, not just continuous, so its only short. i zoomed in on the pope, who was there too.
seen a girl wearing a hoodie that said "face rapist" on it. i really dont know what to make of that, i cannot work it out. the other one said 3...4...5some! again, i dont get it.

this bloke this morning was looking through a little peep hole to see what was going on, when the entrance to the site he was looking at saw about 20 paces down the road.

some people ay. like i said, im going to be back on it now the uni year has finished, so ill do a good innit tommorow! cheers for reading.

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