Tuesday, 4 May 2010


it seems like the best things that happen in my life, or rather the things that i consider worthy of taking a picture of are mainly food related.

this isnt. this is a lovely strip of trees along the edge of the park on the way to work. every one is a different colour.

gollywog mug in a shop we delivered to.

when i say we, i am referring to me and richard, the agency lorry driver. he is well sound, i had another great day driving around in the lorry. great except paying £8.30 for a burger king meal.

went to foxton boating locks again. its like the fucking league of gentlemen out there, fuck weird little inbred country drips. get a fucking life.

i hate people who when you are waiting for the lift stand right in front of the bit where it tells you what floor the lift is on. the whole time me and dani were stood waiting for the lift, we were saying how much its shit when someone is only going up a couple floors. this bitch was.

a wig on the way to work, fuck knows whats happened here.


this girl got it well wrong. the weather was going mental on this day. it started to rain and she got caught out in a t-shirt and shorts combination.

it was so bright and the rain came so fast. do you ever have that feeling where like your eyes are retracting into your head and it really hurts your eye sockets? it was that bright my eyes where doing this.

nice hat, twat. what made him try this one on and go "yep, thats it for me. found it!"

GIVE UP. GIVE UP. GIVE UP. this pisses me off so much, fuck off she is dead, stop fucking begging for sympathy because you went out for a meal and essentially killed your own daughter. fuck off and trying to get something out of this. even the most mush brained sun readers dont give a fuck anymore.

saw this rank, faggoty mess lad proper overly tonguing a girl on narborough road. he had an eyebrow piercing, plucked eye brows, and blond 3-1 spikey hair cut. fucking hell he was rank. as i walked past, he finished one snog and licked up her face, then looked at me as if to say like "check my shit". she really wasnt into it too, trying to put away, and he had such a firm grip on her, and was really forcing his tongue down her throat, as you can see in this picture. jesus he was a fucking state, you can literally choose to be whatever you want to be and he went for the way he was. fucking mess.

INDIAN JIMMY. HELLO, ONLY ME! nike tick in the flames.

gave that new peri peri chicken takeaway a go the other day. im realising how much takeaway i eat, its so bad. this was ok, considering all the hype, i wasnt to impressed. the food was good, but for people telling me it was better than nando's i dont know what fucking planet they were on. ive heard it from a few people too.

its almost shamelessly straight up copied, but with out things like spicy rice and bits and bobs. also, a big let down was the drinks selection. the same old, boring average shit. coca cola, diet coke, sprite, fanta.

the bloke in there said to me "its basically exactly the same as nandos." i thought your having a fucking laugh mate, this better be good. it was, it was just like an unreal maryland, nothing like nandos. dickhead.

look at this facing up, WELL DONE KEIRAN.

into sheffield for bank holiday grime night with max, brad and jamie.

this man had a metro newspaper tied to his back. he was picking up empty cans (for scrap?)

me and jamie had some chocolate i brought back from Australia, cadburys snack. basically, inside the pack each square of chocolate has a different filling. fudge, caramel, strawberry, turkish delight, orange and maybe something else. they were very good indeed.

chelsea beat liverpool and more or less won the league. i found a discarded football card with deco on it.

mandatory sheffield mahmoods. i got like this grilled chicken pitta thing, it was good!

the night we went to was shit. there were dj's playing baseline for fucking hours, the same old shit and people were going sick, as if it doesn't all sound the same. scorcher came out, a man i have lost all respect for, used to be promising, and now he does shit like fucking 'lipsing ting'? fuck off you silly twat. we waited hours, heard a burgaboy remix of rihanna's 'rude boy' literally about 20 times.

at about 4.30 lil narsty, d double e, footsie, p money and frisco came out, did about a 15 minute long pass around thing, and then those ridiculous bassline mc twats took over the thing, hogged the mic and just took the levels down. its annoying that everyone in the grime scene moans about grime not blowing up, but nobody in the scene can even be bothered to turn up when they are booked.

nobody in the crowd new what they were doing, they all just stood still, didnt know even the most starter level lyrics, it was a joke, i wont be going to one of these things for a while.

lil narsty showering down,

asian bassline foundation. the lad half in the shot in the red jumper on the left was one of the most annoying twats inside. take off your fucking sunglasses you tosser.

OOOOOOOOOOOAH OOOOOOOOOOOAH, not the same as the first time we saw him at this club, not enough grime heads inside.

me and bradley encountered some close parking on the way home.

bradley and i got a subway when back in lesta feeling absolutely rank the next day. bradley goes stupid on the lettuce, he just kept telling the woman to put more and more in. we both stole some crisps from the stand thing and felt like criminals.


uni is going fucking crazy, all the assessments for the year are over the course of this week, ive had bookmaking today (all the dog stuff i have posted) and graphics and that is next week. i went to the library after football on monday night and it was so packed out. i fucking hate loud african girls and horny annoying indian lads.

i dont mean to sound like a cunt, im not racist, some of my nearest and dearest mates are from different backgrounds to me but what the fuck is up with indian culture? as time passes and im starting to go to the library more, ive sussed it out. the home life is so strict that even at ages of 20 and upwards the parents would not be happy with the children going out and staying out late. especially not hanging around with the opposite sex.

if they tell their parents they are going out of the house to the library, then it changes everything, and they use is as time to socialise with out pressure, away from parents. it fucking pisses me off so so much, hearing loud gaggles of indian lads acting like they are black, and seeing friggid cock-teasing indian girls not putting out. its not a fucking youth club, its not a fucking hang out. i go there in the middle of the night, and literally see groups of 20 - 30 chatting away and laughing.

its a fucking library, its meant to be quiet and im trying to do work. fuck off back to your houses and break the rules of some made up person in the sky created to control the weak minded and live a happy life where you can do what you want.
the photo is of a girl watching eastenders. just go home innit? why be up? why not watch it in bed at home? one lad was watching the snooker but i couldnt get a flick.

i had a wicked morning today with my dad, for a uni project i needed some 8 x 4 foot boards, so he drove me to uni to drop off my book making work, then over to b&q, we got the wood, had breakfast cobs in my dads car, (of which i was served by a genius, ill write below) and just generally had a nice chat. i aint seen him in a while.

the cob genius was something else. he was texting away whilst watching the bacon and sausages cook and said to me "dont girls do your head in?" i make the mistake of asking why he says that.

he goes on to tell me that his girlfriend is messing him around, always having a go because he isnt texting back all the time. he told me that his cob truck thing is very busy over bank holiday weekend, and that he cant always text back. he said they have been 'together' 8 weeks and he has not yet met her!! they have a phone relationship and he said she is saying she is shy and is scared to meet him. he said 'we have been getting on so well recently too, and now this!'

i thought it was fucking mental, i didnt know whether to laugh or cry for him.

my sister brought me over biiig boy pasta bake. it was proper nice, got sweetcorn, chicken and peppers in it, the best things in food.

dan and hof had a lovely pizza together. i spent about an hour in the living room half watching avatar. shit look so so so so so long. fuck that.
ill post up a few bits, got a few knocking about, im just really busy with uni work at the minute, thank you for reading if you did!

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