Tuesday, 11 May 2010


OK! lets get this popping with some usher lyrics.

in his new song he says "never has a lady hit me on first sight"

however, the whole first verse in 'yeah' featuring lil john and ludacris is about seeing a girl in a club, and going crazy for her. remember? she had him feeling like was ready to go?


t-pain on a segway

this merdian crew back in the day going go-karting.

this is a photograph by sven prim. good innit?

i have been forgetting this feature a little bit recently. for this, ive posted two pictures.

my old old phone used to have this feature where you could take 9 photos in sequence. i told pictures of my, kyle and billy eating chiclets back when i had girls hair, kyle was healthy and billy was fat.

also, kyle pulling some faces.

a drawing by holly wales. lovely innit? i love felt tips.

also, one mental thing from youtube. damien walters is fucking crazy, ive posted a video by him before, but this is his new one and its fucking crazy!!!!!


pure dickhead wasteman paedophile's dream singer is so stupid. this video has been floating around for a little while, and its so annoying, highlights how thick americans are. dumb cunt probably doesnt know that his name is german.

i fucking hate him and his shit music. i heard it being played out in a club the other week and just thought whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. thats like playing high school musical shit or something. fuck him and his disposable pop shite, what a twat.

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