Monday, 17 May 2010


easy easy easy since ive handed in my uni work its been so chilling, im in a really good mood all the time. i saw this bloke stood on this thing on the way into the quay, was funny, i dont know why, he was just calmly chatting.

went to soar point with a few of the lads to watch the forrest game. there was one forrest fan inside and he was getting loads of stick.

these two lads were wearing the same top. they had not randomly bumped into each other at the bar, they were out together. whatever, these things happen, but it was kinda like they were both so desperate to wear it, one of them didnt go "yeah, safe. ill just whip mine off, stick it in my bag and wear the black t-shirt ive got on underneath".

jr came over the other night to watch the new ufc. it was cool, we got some little take away and that. man i love royal chicken so much.

walking work wednesday morning i saw a squirrel proper close. i tried to get a picture of it, it ran and i got this. it was proper, proper close to me.

i might have mentioned before there is this book man who comes into my work and leaves a load of books in the canteen. if any members of staff want books they fill in this sheet, and then he orders them. except he doesn't, ive seen alot of the staff order book before and never receive them. but he always comes back.
one of the new books he has left is this crazy one for kids, with all mad bits that pull out and pop up. honestly, its fucking crazy.

got a lift home from work with this shop keeper, and he had this little piece of genius hanging from his mirror.

wednesday night, i went round valenas, and had the fulham match on the tv, and the city match on the internet streaming. FOOTBALL WINNER!

obviously, it got mental, and with valena on the phone to her mate for ages, i popped over to walkabout to meet up with the lads and watch the extra time and heart breaking penalties in the leicester vs cardiff match.

leicester went out due to an awful botched by kermorgant. click forward to 3:00 on the clip below to see it.

thursday night i went out to celebrate the final hand in with the uni lot. drinks round valenas house was far more fun than actually going out. we were having vodka jelly and shit was fucking me up. we went to the s.u, it was fucking shit. it was empty and very very boring.

valena was sneaking some snaps inside for a little dance floor snack.

i had some of the new sailor jerries. i cant believe how much this has changed. it tastes so shit now, there is nothing delicious and tasty about it. literally the best drink ever now tastes like vanilla paint thinner. why ruin something thats great?

like a dustbin? although it does look good ay? i bet this fucking stunk as it was getting burnt!

keiran tricked out his locker at work this weekend, complete with ben shaws cloudy lemonade (our drink of the week this week) and bachelors super noodles DATS NOT MY TIIIIING

i got 64 litres and used my clubcard until it was fucked. send me home to meet my brother? go on then.

if your a badger, which it seems more and more often men are these days, when do you stop dressing like a 14 year old girl? does this bloke not look at himself when he jumps out the shower in the morning and go "im 40 fucking years old, maybe i should sort my life out today"
weekly post over, i might do some drawings or something to post up. got loads of free time now YEEEP
cheers for reading.

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