Friday, 7 May 2010


next monday is the assessment for the graphics module on my course. one project within the graphics module is the "about" project. in this project, we had to collect data and information about our classmates and produce an entertaining outcome that shows use of our own "visual language".

i made this poster, the poster is a game between the classmates in my group, that has been running for around 6 months, but the whole time i was obtaining information they didn't know that they were taking part in my game.

starting from the bottom left corner, the game goes through seven rounds, using the information given by the classmates to score points.

with every round, i made up the rules for the round before the data was collected. for example, when i asked the classmates for their favourite 5 movies, i couldn't care less what they were, points were awarded for the amount of f's e's and x's in the titles of the films they returned.

other rounds include a series of number questions where the answers were added together and divided by 100 to leave me with a score for the round and a round where my classmates randomly picked 10 different m&m's from a packet not knowing that different colours related to different points.

for once i have completed a piece of work that i am very happy with both in execution and concept!

thanks for reading, click the image to zoom in.

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