Monday, 31 May 2010


easy, its three in the morning, i only just realised. (3:32 at the time of proof reading).

i downloaded this the other day, and even though its not brilliant through-out i thought it was a really nice idea, and really original in places. its a mixtape using mainly la roux vocals (and some beats) remixed with other stuff. major lazer (a producer/dj duo of switch and diplo; makers of m.i.a's paper planes beat) are the guys behind it. a link to download it is HERE and ive embedded my favourite track from it, im not your toy mixed with gucci mane's 'lemonade.'

the internet is mad now, there are no rules. for ages last week i was struggling to log into youtube, and after a while, it loaded the page but with a red banner that said "i call shenanigans"
apparently after a little research, it means theres just been an error on the server side.

also, firefox went down on me the other day and it came up saying "well, this is embarrassing". fuck off. i hate the way apple has changed the rules of technology, as if objects are human. you are a series of codes, you cannot possible understand with embarrassing means, fuck off.

i recorded this video last week, its a new little grime freestyle with predominantly lyrics from my fourth coming release!

everytime i go to upload a picture for the old photo of the week i see this one, and ive just finally had to do it, im sorry.
50 cent is a madhead. he uploaded these pictures to his website of him during a shoot for a new movie he is in about an american footballer who gets cancer. 'Over a period of nine weeks the G-Unit general stuck to a strict liquid diet and a three-hour-a-day treadmill walk regimen to drop down to 160 pounds.'

bigger head than rhianna innit.

this is one of my favourite tunes at the minute, heard it in the changing rooms in river island last week, and its been on heavy rotation since. like a cross between chromeo and an old justice song.


fuck off. really fuck off. the world definitely doesnt need you. another shiny mixed race rnb pin up boy with shite productions from the same guys and fucking autotune. JASUN DER-RU-LOW. "im going solo" i wish you would, you cunt. i hate music these days, the western human race is so shit, they dont know what they want, so no matter what it is they are spoon fed by the media, they will lap it up. this cunt, honestly, is it really that bad? do they not all listen to it and go "actually, no. im not just going to do what everyone else does, im going to hear it and decide its shit." look at him, same as all the rest. how long does he have? 2-3 years? i will guarantee you that his next release will be "number one in the charts". fuck off and die in your mums house, you twat.

one last thing before you go, please please please read this. thankyou.


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