Friday, 9 July 2010


hiya, this is this weeks weekly post.

went for a walk to complete a couple errands with max. look at the size of these fucking melons.

now we all know max works in HSBC. i had to go there to sort out some bank stuff and he told me they are all really safe and that. during my bank transfer the woman behind the counter suddenly stopped tip-tapping away on the keyboard and put her palms to her cheeks and said "oh no!!" when asked what went wrong, she was really reluctant to tell me. after this, she asked for a reference for the money going into the account. when i gave it to her, her, the other woman behind the counter and the man she was serving all started laughing.

the badboys went into peri peri on friday night.

not those! me and jamie! look at the beardo in the background stunned by the camera.

after taking some photos for the new pop project with darryl i found out that he could make it to the braunstone carnival, cue him staying over mine and staying up until 4 clock practicing.

we headed over to the carnival. darryls reggae band 'by the rivers' were on earlier in the day so me and billy watched them, then stuck around. i was on at 3.50 and the crowd was beginning to grow!

this was the crowd when i went on. it went really well, and ive got it all filmed. thing is, my internet connection takes the piss with big youtube uploads, so i need to get over to my mum and dads and host the videos. ill try to get them up by the end of the weekend, and post them on here!

after i played, we went round the fair for a bit, jamie won a little pepper pig thing on a hook a duck game. some bollocks.

bradley and john jammed on the slots.

then we went on the waltzers. they were fucking fast, it was amazing. john lost his iphone, but the guys running the fair found it and gave it back to him.

also, by the best sales man ever, (pictured) we got tricked into buying the shittest, most ordinary chicken ever. he was really enthusiastic about his product and just completely sold it to us. me and jimlad got done out. we paid the same for a little crap burger as john and jamie did for rice w/kidney beans, salad, 2 pieces of chicken and some chilli con carne.

we found bricks near the uni wrapped in some dmu paper. we were on our way into town to go to some hip hop night at odyssey. it was good fun in the end, mgc played and killed it. check the video below.

three matrixers in maryland. on a really hot day. what makes them think, yeah ill put this on? twats.

sunday i had a really nice day, but forgot to take any pictures. it was my mums birthday on monday, so we had a picnic in the park. loads of food, i didnt eat all day to save myself for it. all my family were there and some of my cousins and that i aint seen in years. it was sick, like old times.
we played football on our side won 10-9. we were at abby park, so i thought this photo would explain that.

peri peri after getting battered 4-0 at football on monday night. max had a little steak burger with cheese, the gentlemans side to a proper meal. look at how good that looks.

on wednesday i was texting jamie about how bored i was, and then soon after that ashley came to get me and we went out in the van on deliveries. literally the best aspect of the job, its brilliant. the day flies and then even when you get back to the warehouse, you still get to have a lunch break. i ate while we were out, so i just kipped for an hour. WINNER.
john come over to watch the spain vs germany match. you know john had germany in the sweepstakes? he was riding the game haarrrrd. this photo was taken literally a second before spain scored the winner.

we played a little world cup 2002 on ps2 after, i was spain and john was germany. i won the first match then he won the second match, so we are set to have a final to decide the winner.

yesterday, i worked on music (between actual work) and got loads done. i counted up today, and i think my next cd is not far from done, so be expecting to hear some of that soon!

i recorded a couple of little freestyles from the lads who i was working with, so check em out.

safe, ill post up those carnival videos soon. cheers!

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