Monday, 26 July 2010


yooooo, slightly more than a weeks worth in this weekly post, but dont worry, ive been posting other bits to keep you busy. here are the things that have been happening.

went to peri peri, i think it was last friday night. it was busy as shit, all the tables were messy, then we realised... the top boy who works there was absent. no wonder. the place was falling apart with out him. when we got our food, i had no chips and my pitta was burnt. max didnt even get his food until about 40 minutes after me and jamie got served.

we went back to mine and watched a couple of grime dvds that jamie had got off ebay. we watched risky roadz 2 and practice hours. there were some good bits, good fun.

seen this guy in work on saturday evening. we went out for a meal with work, remember i said one of the bosses was leaving? well this was his leaving doo. it was good fun, we went to the real china, in the highcross. it was pretty good, really nice food. my boss was steaming, and he confronted me about making music, saying he had heard through the gravevine that im the "top ranking hipster at booker". i was so so embarrassed.

me, sasi and zac just chilling.

valena come down last week from sunday to friday. we were chilling loads. on monday she made us bangers and mash with home made gravy. dont watch the colour the gravy looks in this picture, the dinner was DEEEEEEP IN THE HEAAAAAD.

bradley andrews has been running around again scratching his initials into watermelons. tut.

some shit in a charity shop.

some shit on the back of a guys top.

some shit in the metro. im sure lucy furr will grow up and realise just how embarrassing being a goth is. people call her it because it is a diss in itself, and that split second of absent thought forgets that they (goths as a demographic) wont understand its embarrassing. ive just had a look on facebook for her, but i couldnt find anything. a couple of private profiles under her name, thats it.

remember me talking about tim who i worked with and how much good fun he was? remember me using the word 'worked' in the sentence before this one? thats right, tim left too. its a real shame, he was a nice guy.

when valena was down we went to the cinema with dave and his bird laura. it was a wednesday and there was a hypeeeeeeeeeeeee queue because there are a few good films on at the minute. i think mainly it was toy story hype. we went to see get him to the greek. it was ok, funny in places. i still think old russey boy is a wasteman.

got a nice little bargain from the co op, 3 smoothies reduced from £1.00 to 10p. niiiice one

work was dead saturday. at one point there were no customers in. look at the car park. look at it. dead. dead fam.

more grime dvds on saturday night with jamie. good fun. we watched jammers birthday set, filmed from inside deja vu in 2003 or something, and aim high 2. good watching if you are into that sort of thing.

there was a really crispy dead frog on the grass at football on sunday.

jimlad and jamie played in a team up goals yesterday. its some league thing and they lost 5-4. it was a good match, me, george and max went to watch.

seen this hench guy and had to get a picture. do you think thats real? or you think its that really bad for you injection shit you can get?

mandatory sunday night peri peri pursued. the aforementioned top boy was there calling us lot the 'best customers' and re sighting our standard orders to us. these are the finer things in life.

went into town today for a spot of lunch. outside the highcross there was this little hole in the floor pumping gallons and gallons of water out into the street. we were in town for about 3 hours and on our way out it was still going strong.

what the fuck is he thinking. for himself? for the ladies? either way, there is no excuse.

this guy was there again. i dont know whether i like him or not. i suppose he is happy with himself, and he isnt really hurting anyone, but its a lot of effort every single day innit? look at this cart with all his stuff on. fuuuuucking hell.

its fine to wear a bob marley tracksuit now i think. a t-shirt just wont do it, traaaaas me.

you know the new (but still shit) iphone with the flatter edge? on sale in cex for £650 boys. who is gonna splash that sort of money when you can get a contract one for free? cex need to get their business plan together. imagine someone reading this and going "fucking hell!" and running out to get it. thats thirty two £20 notes and a tenner.

casino has closed down now too. i think it was two days ago. me and max were discussing a possible gap in the market, and are considering opening a skate shop. bradley was peering through the window with me as i took this picture. he said "ah, so there is still a phone and that in there... and some shoes..." bradley pointed down at our reflection and said "oh no, they are ours." loooooool good one innit.

for lunch we went to peiro's on loseby lane with john, brad, jamie and max. it was nice, i had a little chicken tikka panini, it wasnt so good. to make up for it though i had a slice of chocolate cheesecake. it was fucking unreal. cheesecake is the best thing you can eat i think, ive worked it out. gone around tasting alot of things for 21 years and thats it.

max had a cheeseburger. for lunch. not at mcdonalds. or after a night out. or at halftime at the football. or at a bbq. or at tinsletown. /nodiss.

should i buy this? support the team innit.

i know your kid is a little rotund fat little obese twat but dont fucking dress him a tshirt that is not dissimilar to a high vis. BEEP BEEP BEEP WIDE LOAD. why are so many kids fat these days? play football or run around in the park. quick enough so all the peado's dont get you.

and i thought i would end with this.
i hope you have enjoyed reading, ill post up some drawings tomorrow. cheers!

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