Friday, 2 July 2010


heeeeeeeeeeey! heeeeeeeey! its friday so here is this weeks weekly post.

a load of us went out for some drinks for aarons birthday last saturday night. it was really good fun, aaron was proper pissed.

jr and parker didnt want to pose for a fight photo, its still orrrrn though.

i seen this guy, asked for a photo and he started trying to sign me up. he was well annoying and insistent.

there was also a guy in firefly with some russian roulette drinking game thing.

basically, you fill the barrel up with some drink, and then spin the green bottles round. you take it in turns to have the tube in your mouth, and then pull out one green bottle. most times you are safe, but one of the bottles releases the drink.

jamie got lucky with it.

we spent alot of the night talking to random people. me and jamie were asking this woman whats the worst thing she has ever done. she told us some long story, but in a pissed up stupor, i only remember the good bit. the punchline was pissing on all fours into a bowl infront of her then boyfriends mum and dad.

my flash fucked up this picture, but i remember some bloke putting in £7.20 for some fags. make of that what you will at 3 in the morning.

me and jamie popped to sophbeck for one, i dont know why i let him talk me into it, i was fucked up bad anyway. aint that place dead now? fucking hell. he saw one guy, drinking a blue wkd sat asleep on some chair on his own. the guy looked to be in his 40's. lowest point ever? i hope i dont ever end up like this.

so on the way home, we spotted some huge england flag on the breast of a house. jamie nicked it, some bloke stuck his head out the window and caught us, we chipped off laughing.

i was pissed out of my little head and took it upon myself to climb up the freight train bridge near mine and hang it over the edge. i draped it over, and laid stones (from off the train tracks) all the way along it to secure it.

jake bussing wheelies outside work the next day.

got back from work the next afternoon to this bollocks. i didnt counter weight it, so when the morning wind got up, it flipped it, leaving us without a flag, but only with a white and red stripe at the top of the bridge.

"2 world wars and 1 world cup".

there was an amazing african guy outside peri peri on the way into town for the football. he was just being mad, he had his face painted with a saint georges cross. he offered to do mine and jamies for us, but only had white left.

as you know, england are out now. we watched the game in varsity.

john turned into top boy tactician telling the strangers how england should line up.

moods were running low, cue jamie with some ice cream antics to lift the team spirit.

we all went back to mine to watch argentina.

went into town to do a bit of shopping and met my little sister for some lunch. she was more on about pumping weights in tk maxx.

bumped into darryl, so we tried on these £200 aquascutum coloured blazers in rackams.

i want to get a load of these. i think they would just improve my day. like answering the door to a door to door sales person with wayne rooney's face on and just acting like i dont know anything. "what?... seriously whats up?"

as you can see in the pictures below i walked to countesthorpe and back with dan and kyle on tuesday. we saw a little kid, looked about 7 years old being sat into a push chair. god i hope this child is terminally ill because thats so bad to still have a kid in a push chair when he is that old. look at how bunched up and big his legs are for the chair. i swear he looked at us looking at his mum and was embarrassed.

i didnt know KA did a ginger beer.

i spent time yesterday making a new batch of cd's, hopefully planning to get rid of a few at the braunstone carnival tomorrow.

i saw this writing in the delivery office at work, and it was so shit. i literally couldn't make out any words. i used to hate it at school when teachers would ask kids what something says and the kids themselves didnt know, you know when people cant read there own writing? adult or child, that really pisses me off. whats the point? just leave the paper blank.

speaking of work, i bought this tub of millions for £1. reduced because its got a short date & i think they are discontinuing the lemon flavour. try telling me that, i cant put them down, im sat with them now on my lap using my hand to spoon them into my mouth.
thankyou for reading, and ill be back soon! serfe

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