Sunday, 25 July 2010


right, lets do this properly.

its a little bit old news now if you are a pure internet guy, but this video come around of this girl (11 years) pure swearing and being an annoying little twat. it goes on for about 6 minutes of her being well silly and then ends.

this is that video. ^

after this, some guys on an internet forum called 4chan, notorious for an extreme over the top sense of humour, got hold of the clip, and cropped it, voiced it over, basically just took the piss out of her. they reduced her, and her father to this:

and obviously with this video response, they have just played into the hands of people lurking on the internet looking to make jokes out of stuff. there have been a bunch of remakes and edits, but i really liked this one.

the mother of the child had an interview after all of this happened, and its a pretty funny read. you can tell she clearly thinks her daughter is a little angel. not some foul mouthed little tramp child who shouldn't be dwelling on the internet.

CLICK HERE to read the interview.

this is definitely one of my favourite videos on youtube. i love this. i love grime. this was when kano, who used to be a key player in the grime scene, came back to grime from a couple of years in the mainstream. the guy in the white hat is 'ghetto', sort of a fan favourite of the grime scene. he is very well respected and everyone gets that he loves grime. he is not going to get up and leave the scene if he is making money or not. skepta is the guy in the red t-shirt.

in this video, its from kano's first grime set since he come back on logan sama's kiss 100 show. ghetto is buzzing off the fact that kano is back, and clearly still sharp. the best bit is around 3.30 where ghetto starts pure going sick while kano is mcing. look to the end of the video too, kano and ghetto are relaying each others old lyrics.

aaron shown me this the other day too. some one has taken a part of star wars, and dubbed it over with brick top's voice, from snatch. some really funny bits in it.

thats all for youtube. it just seemed a bit excessive to post these with all the photos i found from yesterday. ill do a weekly post tomorrow. saaaaaaaafe

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