Friday, 16 July 2010


thats it really, about mid week i was looking through the pictures i had got and almost half of them were from peri peri. i noticed at one point i went 7 times in 8 days.

this was one of those times. i told dave from work that the legendary boss steve williams is leaving our branch of booker after decades of service. he has been their since he was 16 on a youth training scheme, and now he is about mid fourties. dave understood the sadness in everybodies hearts.

you know that weird book shop on narbs where they sell all the strange books? well this was in the window. whats that saying about putting something in the window? this was what they had put in the window. the best in store.

mascherano is the best looking man walking the earth.

i went to peri peri with max mid week. that was when it was really hot, and we saw this guy wearing a coat and jumper with jeans and a woolly hat. max ridiculed me for taking a picture of him, but then we agreed the woolly hat isnt essential. he would not be naked with out it, therefore its not needed.

seen this old vimto. when i was a kid i always thought it was called 'vimpto' and if you listen carefully, next time i say it, i still say that because its so deep into my head.

you know that shit, lazy cash point at the barclays bank on narborough road? i fucking hate this, lack-lustre style of not really giving you your money. so annoying.

peri peri again after football on sunday.

jamie got these strips which look a bit like a breast just chopped up, but really really good.

the world cup final was happening in other main events. of course, in the sweepstakes, jimlad got holland, and george got spain, so it was them two head to head. i embedded the video of the draw below.

obviously spain and consequently george won, and that cued a shit end to a shit world cup.

me and john picked up fifa world cup 2002 again to finish what we never really ended last week. it was a really dramatic affair, and i won 1-0 after extra time with a fucking ridiculously good goal. we then played fifa 2004 and both won a game each. im guessing we will settle it again soon.
also, i bought fifa 98 with the indoor five a side option on from amazon dead cheap this week.

this funny little sticker was on some cash point.

i went to the post office with ben too. i fucking hate post offices. always really warm and they put you in a bad mood because you have to queue up for ages really quietly. its like a hot, essential library. i fucking haaate it. upon entry, instant connotations of being a annoyed little kid in there with my mum attending to some important adult shite.


have you seen what they have done to the sun? yes, the sun that belongs to the working class man of britian. yes, the sun that lies happily on the dashboard of white ronnie vans everywhere.
they have got rid of striker (the long time running football based comic strip) and replaced it with some fucking vampire bollocks, giving in to the current rise of the goths, twilight trend.
the sun that happened to be on our table when i met ben for breakfast tuesday morning. fucking absolute shit. who thought that one up?

and i wish mcdonalds would fuck off too. stop saying you are doing a 'limited edition' range of different burgers, and then just putting out a fancy cheeseburger and a chicken and bacon burger. you are not fooling anyone, we (as the people) are onto it, and would appreciate just a little bit more effort.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! it was dans 21st birthday this week too. i few of the lads come over the night before and we were just chilling up til late watching a film.

the night wore on, the film seemed to go on forever, and we ordered tj's. dan got some burger that was four burgers in one, with enough cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup to top 10 burgers. dan is too strong, too much of a man to believe in heart attacks.

katie, dans bird made little birthday cakes too. i had the one with the pink spots at about 8o'clock if the tin were a clock face.

sky aren't really pulling out all the stops for their newspaper ads, like on their HD adverts. the best dream team they could assemble was brown, bale, given and owen. not so much...

darryl got wet walking to work the other day too. its been pissing it down loads recently innit? we are working on a new boy kid cloud mixtape, like the old one 'whats it all about?'
also, with some compromised quality in places, here is a compilation of fifa goals ive had saved on my phone for a while. pick your favourite.
cheers for reading, ill put some drawings on soon!

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