Saturday, 24 July 2010


no youtube, ill bring that tomorrow. just pictures that ive liked recently.
saw this on the liverpool website. how much make-up and hair products has torres got on? loooooool. and they put him next to kuyt to emphasise it.

speaking of hair doo's...

lindsay's life is a mess now innit? something really satisfying about seeing her face in bits.

seen this carried thing too. hotdogs round the side, burgers as a topping. it looks pretty good, like a couple of slices would sort you out.

i come across this stuff too, called fluff. its a marshmallow spread, you know kind of like the centre of snowballs? its that in a jar. i bought two jars off the internet last night, so ill do a live review when they come. (should be next week).

it comes in raspberry and strawberry flavour too, but i heard not to really watch them.

kyle getting together a little collection at a house party. i feel this feature doesn't have a lot of legs, i dont have many good old photos. might have to start jamming on myspace and saving some pictures.

fuck this fat twat now, he had has chance innit.
i used to not mind him, in moderation. but now he is just everywhere, all the time. you cannot escape his flabby, jowly face. think of him doing our world cup song with dizzee rascal. think of the message that sends out to the world of our people. he is not really an ambassador is he? this young, fat chippy chap who disrespects sir patrick stewart. fuck off, and stick to your little slot on bbc 3 where you are available to people who want to know about you, and your loud brand of comedy, stop gatecrashing everything.

ill post some good youtube videos ive been watching soon too, thank you for reading.

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