Tuesday, 20 July 2010


hello, here are some new drawings. im having real trouble drawing recently, i just feel really uninspired about it, and cant help but draw the same things over and over again.

valena drew this one ^
when i look at it, imagine that he is so so poor, but content with it. he doesn't know any better.

imagine, like word got back to god that door to door bible bashers are not really getting the message across, and he finds out they are being taken as a bit of a joke. so god hires some muscle. a fucking hench nice guy to come door to door.
so when he is like "have you heard the word of god?" and people are like "sorry mate, im not interested, bye" and go to shut the door in his face, he uses his huge arm to force it back open against your will and steps inside smiling and saying something like "the bible really is a great read you know..." with a really sinister tone in his voice.

i drew this yesterday quink ink and fine-liner.
thanks for looking, ill do a GOOD INNIT soon.

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