Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Ive had a really good week, Im thinking that potentially although wet, July might have been the most fun month so far this year. I could be wrong, I have the worst memory, but I've had a lot of fun recently.

I saw a well nice dog on the park the other day. It belonged to some european woman, it was so gorgeous. They european women always have nice dogs.

Seen this guy marching through town, I don't even know what he is. He had loads of badges on his breast, I don't know if i should really respect him and he is a fully decorated certified bloke or if he is just a nut job in fancy dress.

You know when you see those photos of the balling boys big spending with gucci and versace bags? this is my equivalent. fuck off about mcdonalds right now

my man was beyond genius. nobody wears those afghan rag scarf things anymore, they shouldn't have then, and they shouldn't now. but paired up with a vest and a massive tribal tattoo? Im a ghost. I'm dead.

So there is this Asda van posted up on narborough road, and to try and minimise the impact of the new tesco supermarket on braunstone gate they are giving out fresh bread and warning customers away from the tesco.

had a delicious peri peri with frank. Im all over a medium with cheese, red onion and cucumber at the minute. this is perfect, how badly do you want to just eat that right now? big soft doughy bun. perfection.

yeah, so i got some free bread from that asda van. when i got it the woman said 'you have to promise me not to go to the new tesco!' and i told her i was, have always been and will always be team asda, she said she would see me on the checkouts soon. I made that sandwich out of this bread, so nice and soft and fresh.

big up all the people with a white mini fridge/ treasure chest thing on the back of their bikes. loads of massive shit on the front too. i think if you have a bike, treat it like a bike. if you have a car feel free to put stuff in it. imagine how much effort it is talking all this stuff around with him. either plan out what you need before you need to travel, or just chill and get a taxi.

massive watermelons from one of the european shops on narborough road. this was actually carried. I'm not copping a feel, my hand is there to show the scale of the watermelon. is this normal or is this a GM crop?

saturday night was gwopaz birthday. the guys who were out met at Simons house for some pre drinks, ring of fire seemed to be the consumption method of choice.

novelty sunglasses were out in full effect.

we moved into town down london road. everyone started getting pissed and loud.

we ended up in republic, it was really good fun. a pure good night. everyone who was out was pure drunk, it was siiiick, one of the most fun nights out I've had this year.

what, wicked-land yeah? leeaveit

round to Natalies the next day for a three course Italian home cooked meal with the family. for starter we had garlic dough balls with sausage ravioli. different trust me.

for the main we had that chicken stuffed with homemade pesto and covered in parma ham again, with the roast potatoes, grilled asparagus and carrots, green beans and red pepper sauce. It was about 60% into this meal when the food coma started.

for desert we have melt in the middle chocolate puddings with some stupid chocolate ice cream. it was so nice. Natalie also made a banana bread and butter pudding, but i didn't have any so i managed to get away with taking it home with me. food like this makes the pain of a saturday night out all melt away.

my man was just carrying a dustbin over his shoulder walking down the street and round the corner. Painted in big letters on the side of the bin was 'Holy Trinity', the name of the church up the street. I beg god looked down on this and was fucking furious.

I got a batch of my new mixtapes through the other day. I went to see Tazmyn and sat with Sam making them up and talking about when people buy you something for your house as a present. its fucked because you kind of feel obliged to put it up in your home.

I had the mixtape launch party last night at rockafellas and we had a load of CDs to give out.

the launch party was so much fun, loads of people came down and represented, it was really rammed out.

here is my new mixtape, Its a 9 track body of work. the themes for the mixtape are being drunk or high and also reflection. It is predominately chilled out hip hop, I'm really, really happy with the final product and hope that if you take some time to listen to it you enjoy it.

Click this photo to download the .zip file version of the mixtape, for individual tracks or to listen online i have embedded a sound cloud player below. enjoy it guys!

Thanks for reading, ill post up again soon!

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