Friday, 1 March 2013


So I'm sure if you follow my activity on any social media site I would have been getting on your nerves recently filling you in that today is the release of a 4 track EP I've been working on with two of my rap affiliates, Twisted Pennys and Kamakaze. It is entirely vocalled by us three and entirely produced by myself. Here is a break down of the EP with a download link.

we started work on this just over a month ago when we selected the instrumentals we were going to use and decided what we were going to write about. 3 studio sessions later and after a couple of finishing touches here and there the EP is ready for your ears!

For the first track we all thought the beat sounded like something from new york in the 90's. The Boxroom Trio is an alias we had sometimes gave ourself before and we thought it would be cool to use that as a loose topic and that it would serve us nicely as an into to the EP. I got Merky Bouy and Aka Baz in to help us with some cuts and scratches for the chorus and outro, I thought it would lend itself to the tune.

I've been sitting on this next beat for about 4 years waiting for the right project to use it on. I remastered it, and Kama said it put him in mind of Oliver Twist, so we decided to run with 'Sticky Fingers' as a theme. Check out the skit at the start by Kama, we were dying when he recorded it hahaha!

Again, another beat I made a while ago and then remastered for this project. We wanted some loose subject matter to work with, and me and Teeps were talking about a song we did a while back with Skitza called 'It Makes Me Laugh' and literally the title of the song was the only thing that tied the verses together. We set ourself a similar project with this one. Dunstable Farnsworth and Gregory Bloomfontain are both performed by Kama also!

Finally 'At The Weekend' serves as an outro. The whole idea is a retrospective look at the weekend just gone, like as if it's on the Sunday and we are recapping on the events of Saturday night. When I bought an MPD about 2 months ago this was the first instrumental I fully constructed on there, and I'm glad to have put it to good use.

All in all I'm really happy with how quickly we've turned this project around and the general sound quality of it. All four tracks were mixed at the same time, in the same way, and I think this helps make it sound like all four songs belong in the same body of work. I'll definitely be looking forward to working on Silver Tongued 2!

Thanks for reading!

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