Friday, 2 January 2015


Hey! A day late, sorry, I was mainly in a car or a bed yesterday. No state to be blogging. Here's a round up of the annum passed.


Birdman finally got on TV, I got the most drunk I've been all year and Beyonce dropped the video for Partition leaving Brad and Frank looking like Mowgli when he see's the man village in Jungle Book haha.


Kolo Toure bantered off the whole world of football, Beastwang moved into a new home and the self service checkout at Tescos really started to boil my piss.


Sorry to toot my own horn but I think this burger with blue cheese and homemade chips was my favourite thing I ate all year. Apologies for that filter. I saw Drake 12 minute love song to 'Sheffield' and me and Skepta squashed the beef.


I became a Peri Peri platinum member, Don't Flop came to Leicester and Pete started rocking bold braids on them.


Some woman threatened to jump off of the car park literally right outside my flat, City won the league and the whole city celebrated and I played Laser Quest for the first time in as long as I can remember.


Had my first ever Five Guys, the World Cup started, Sandy, Darryl and Scott moved out from above Sophbeck and Cam'ron cancelled his show at about 10pm on the night causing a riot at the Kentish Town Forum. 


I went Tenerife with Tom, ate nice food every single day and jumped into water. Later in the month I went to my first Festival of the year, Wireless. Got to see Kanye West perform All Falls Down, the single best moment of my year.


The Notting Hill Carnival, Bradley's birthday played host to the slozfest of the year and everybody either did an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video or moaned about them on Facebook. 


Rock In Diner opened on Narborough Road, and I fiiiiiinally got around to going to Outlook. It was incredible.


Was the Get3 premier with everyone in the fucking world, my first ever attempt at making flapjacks (horribly wrong) and my personal favourite fancy dress costume I saw all year.


The new Graff HQ opened and held a citywide graffiti festival, I went to see Dave Gorman and went to the Red Bull Culture Clash, my favourite event all year.


Had a huuuuuge Christmas dinner with all the Outlook lot, got to see Liverpool come to the King Power to beat Leicester 3-1, raced Olly to eat 10 Mars Bars and perfected the whole making flapjacks thing. I might go for brownies in 2015.

That's it then, a whole year. It doesn't seem like a year since I was last signing off like this, they really fly by these days. Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting my blog in the last year. More so than ever I'm having people stop me to say they know about Wickedland or holding up a 'W' hand signal in the street, it's a really great feeling.

I've reigned it in a little this year, trying to streamline the content with only 116 posts. That's the least in the last 5 years yet still, interaction and numbers are higher than ever and that's all thanks to you guys. I've got a few exciting things planned for the new year with Wickedland, some interactive content with the podcasts, merchandise and finally I'll be setting up an online shop so hopefully if you guys continue to read and share the posts, Wickedland can coninue to grow in 2015. Thanks for everything, and have a fantastic year.

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