Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Yoooooo! About a week ago I made these really nice bagel burgers. Very loosely inspired by something they do at Jones' on Queens Road, they went really well. I decided to make them again and do a step by step, let you lot really see the levels.

Buy the bagels, and chop them in half. It really is rocket science. I got these nice cheese topped ones.

Fry some bacon. Maybe put some music on or something, it's not really got mental yet has it.

Tenderise a chicken breast until it is a lot flatter, thinner and more spread out than usual. Bear in mind you're gonna be chopping this breast in half and putting it in two bagels so it needs to be wide enough. I seasoned mine with cajun seasoning and a little chilli spice.

Toast the bagels. Careful you don't burn them! They tend to toast quicker because they're wider than bread. 

I used this sandwich maker I'm got, but any flat tray or pan will do. Put some oil there, spread it around with the bagels and fry them a little bit. This is unnecessary and unhealthy but fuck it, live your life.

They will be lovely and golden when you finish this step.

Chop two thin slices of onion and put them into sizzle in the fat from the bacon.

While they're sizzling spread some sour cream on the bottoms of the bagel. Maybe do some stretches or something get ready to stack these up.

Bacon on the sour cream. I reckon this would be a nice sandwich on it's own to be honest. I love sour cream so much.

Them pop the onions on.

I took the chicken off the heat, put one of those delicious plastic cheese slices over each bit and microwaved them for like 30 seconds just so the cheese melts.

Then take the two onion rings out of the oven that you've had ticking over in there and push them down into the cheese. This is so satisfying.

Finally, spread some sundried tomato paste onto the undersides of the lids. The oil in it bleeds into the bread and it looks so nice.

Flip them and put a little chilli on a stick through them for garnish. Voila, they're done! Eat them!


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