Sunday, 25 January 2015


Yo whats geeeeeen on. Teeps dropped his newest body of work the other day I'm just gonna give it a little run through.

'Black Blankets' is Twisted Pennys first project since Torture Chambers that we worked on through out last year. He lead off with 'Chakras' video late last year and now has collated 7 other new tunes to sit with it.

Vocal features from Kamakaze, Sane Skitza (both of BLG) and Cheech of The Bluntskins pepper the playlist, with production from myself (Evergreen) Drae Da SkiMask, Morriachi, R Tik One, Maniscooler, Luke Peterson and Dos Gringos.

It's nice to hear this with having only had a small input in the project. I enjoy working with Teeps because I actually like the music he makes and I'm a fan first. Having worked closely with him on a few more recent projects it's interesting and exciting hearing him and what he has evolved into over different beats from other produced.

If you're big into lyrics and wordplay in general or a UK hip hop fan make sure you give this a listen, it really is the sound of someone refining their craft with a style so niche I don't there is anything quite like it. I'm looking forward to more unique hip hop from TP in 2015.

Black Blankets is available to stream on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and for download here.

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