Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Ayyyyyy Woskenon den you lot. We've all nearly made it through January, that's exciting isn't it. Anyway, in we go.

You always see people curbing their cars but this is something spectacular. I can't understand how this happened, the car was almost levitating, like hardly even touching the curb. It was only from where the tire was pinched that it was sitting up there. Fingers crossed a cat get's stuck and eventually killed chilling under the tire.

This guy was mooching about the Highcross H&M in his pyjamas. I'm stood thinking 'Do you bro, don't listen to the haters, they only wanna hold you back' and then I spotted he was wearing slippers too. I got sad. I think he has escaped from a mental home or something.

Are they the best shoes ever? That shop in the Highcross next door to Foot Asylum is so genius. It's like mecca for those Turkish and Albanian guys you see in Peri Peri. I wanna go in one day and have a proper look around but for now looking at the fake snakeskin winkle-pickers on the sales rack in the door will do.

Firstly, the signage is upsetting. Secondly the market baffles me. I get the fruit and veg guys, literally everyone who is alive has to eat, so they're doing ok. But these guys who sell postcards and second hand VHS's and stuff. Do they seriously make a living out of that? How can they? Their job is basically being at a car boot sale, I just don't understand it at all. It's like my living expenses cost me enough as it is, and I don't even have to rent the space that I work from. This isn't a normal 'I don't get it' thing, like I mean I actually cannot understand how these guys make enough money to afford to live.

The gym is full of those new years resolution wankers. It's absolutely heaving. I can't stand it. I was talking to younger bro Gwop one time and he was saying when these people get the idea in their heads that they wanna bang gym in the new year what's stopping them joining halfway through November when they come up with the idea? It's like they're losing the mental battle already. Anyway, that's all besides the point. Peep this guys shoe game. I think they were steel toe caps.

Making birdman look like he isn't even trying innit tbf

Frank put up a video with a wicked still at the end on his IG. It made me very happy, favourite thing I've seen on the internet in a little while.

That's it! Just a quick little round up for today. I'll be back with some more stuff very soon

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