Friday, 30 January 2015


Yooooo it's Friday, that's it. I wonder what Rebecca Black is doing with herself now. She must be old enough to regret that music video, surely. People must bring it up on dates and at parties and stuff.

The guy who was driving this lorry wasn't even in the cabin, he was out next to the lorry just filling out some paperwork. Traffic was steadily building up on both sides. Hahaha imagine caring that little about everyone. Wicked stuff.

I did a little bit on the TV in the middle of last week. BBC East Midlands news ran a little feature on the Council vs graffiti writers in Leicester.

I was the 'Street Artist' fighting our corner. the phone hasn't stopped since I was on the box. Nightclubs up and down the country trying to book me to throw T-shirts out.

This was no fun. The little chip bit was stuck in my phone. Not an ideal situation.

I had the pleasure of performing at a night with some friends from the Rhetoric literary society. The night was at the exchange near the curve with a combination of singers, MCs and poets taking to the microphone.

I performed the four songs from my newest EP. I've struggled to find a place for these to work, because they are all quite deep and lyric driven it's not like I could get them played in the usual places I would turn to. It was such a nice crowd, they were all so engaging and really into the performance. It was nice to perform some songs outside of a club environment. I could really engage with the audience between the songs and explain the meanings and what not. It's exactly what I had in mind when I wrote these songs.

There's a nice little unwritten code of ethics in my block that people leave unwanted/read books in this corner. There's always a small pile there ready to go to a new home. I'm so into that.

Beastwang was a vibes as ever. Shout to Olly rolling through with the quick pink note.

Chimichanga has opened now, next door to the Showcase cinema in the highcross. I had this wicked steak wrap, it was so hot and nice with loads of peppers and onions. The menu was pretty sick you know, I forget that Tex-Mex is one of the best options in the world.

Big up the girls inside yeah

This guy just ordered a casual bucket of 6 Corona's as an accompaniment to his lunch. I turned around for a second and he had sunk two. Every time I see this picture I imagine him addressing me the way Brent addresses Dawn. 'Does it offend you drinking? Keeping tabs?' loool

I hate this kind of shit. With a burning passion I fucking hate it. Conscious, political graffiti from a generation inspired by Banksy. Do these cunts seriously think they're making a fucking statement with this shit, really? who gives a fuck? What are they proving by putting this poster up? HOLD ON NEWS JUST IN IVE JUST NOTICED IN THE BOTTOM CORNER ITS SIGNED OFF WITH 'NOT BANKSY' NO WAY IM FUCKING DEAD HAHAHAHAHA

Pathetic weird drips polluting our world.

Yoooooo see my bro here. Just setting up in Mcdonalds loving the wifi. He didn't even buy anything, just got his mouse and mouse mat out and got to work. Little home office situation set up right here. Incredible scenes.

So I found out a drawing I did is getting reposted on Instagram. Obviously these are only posts that've been hashtagged but I guess there must be more. It made me wonder what else is out there that I've done that's been badly filtered and uploaded elsewhere.

Official Wickedland merch soon to touch road, nothing long

See the way this Nivea pot fits perfectly in this roll of Sellotape? Isn't that the essence of life itself? I threw it to the side after using it and it just wriggled around and sat in there. Wonderful stuff. I looked at it for a little while, I was so happy with it haha.

That's EVERYTHING I'VE GOT! I'm in such a good mood, I hope you guys are too after having read all of the Wickedland. Have a cracking weekend, see you all on the other side

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