Sunday, 21 June 2015


I'm having pretty bad luck at the minute with food places saying they're gonna be open and just being shut. It's so fucking annoying, like can you just be open please? It was like just after 9 and on google and on the actual door of this place it said it was open until 11. Fucking mental, not even close. It bothers me because like I can't get with the idea of eating a certain thing and just abandon it and change what I want. I get so into the idea of having a certain thing, so it's causing me a real problem at the minute. Fuck everything.

What's going on here? These two cars were just hanging out over the white line. I don't drive but I don't understand how this can happen. How do you just drive out into the middle of a junction on a red and just stop there? You might as well just carry on right? Not only that but how do two cars manage it?

Some Tescos bag on your head with some stuff in it when it's raining mandem

I'm kind of into this print. Look at how complex it is hahaha pure nature shit. I might get my sofa reupholstered with this shit. reindeers and squirrels and shit

Man I wish so bad I was Sikh sometimes just so I had this to look forward to. This was just in the Highcross. I love these dons. Why are they always here? Think they just leave their wives at home to go chill here? It's cool how the Highcross guys just let them be and don't try to move them on.

At the Leicester Uni Summer Ball on Saturday I saw this cool guy who knew about Wickedland. Love that. pissed out my little skull, can't remember meeting him but I had this photo on my phone and Bradley filled me in. 

We were walking back in from the smoking area and these girls were pretending to kiss to get our attention. When we ignored them and just walked by they stopped us and asked us to take a photo for their snapchat. Dippy little try hard bimbos haha.

These guys were around town the next day with these like bike things with massive advertising boards on the back. In my vulnerable hungover state they looked really weird and uncomfortable to me, like they were roaming around causing trouble. Like those blokes from the original Wizard of Oz who wheel about everywhere.

Have you ever put a can into a Pringles tube? Magical feeling. It slots down perfectly. Sadly the Pringles can is only like 2.5 cans deep. If it was 3 deep I think I'd go to bed and just want to sleep forever.

It's so annoying that these trollies where you have to put a pound in still exist. I had to draw a tenner out, go in, queue up, buy something, come out and put a quid in just to go back in. Mental. Can we just have normal trollies like Asda? This was at the Tesco on Braunstone Gate. Reckon it's because the students are wankers and think it's hilarious to rob the trollies? Fuck knows, either way it was pure crap.

Check this out. This shop in town has one of those racks for chewing gum, still on his counter but with no chewing gum. Luckily he put a sign in place to let you know where the actual rack is.

To be fair his sign is spot on though. Pure made me laugh though, it just made his shop look crap haha. Just get rid of the other rack?!

That's your fucking fill! Enjoy your weekend lads! WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED

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