Monday, 29 June 2015


Yoooooo what's good. I always go to kick off these kinds of posts discussing the weather, but then stop myself because I can't stand when people discuss the weather. It seems like the most easy, mundane thing to talk about. So here I am, talking about not talking about the weather. Shall we get into it?

Saw this in a chip shop the other day. That's got to be depressing for anyone to eat hasn't it surely. A samosa cob. Jesus christ, that is rock bottom.

This is up in the reception area of my gym. New edition. I'm thinking of having it away for my living room, what do you reckon? Would look alright wouldn't it?

 Some guy was so slopped off at the O2 the other night I managed to balance 3 cups on his head. I wanted to go for more but the doorman came over and ruined my fun. 

Big up Alfie, loving a little go on the park. I saw thinking about how it's weird how dogs love just going to the park. It's just kind of nothingy, but they do fucking love it don't they.

This bloke was killing it. Excuse my ironically shit photo. He was just snapping away on his digital camera. Anything and everything. The road, a tree, a letterbox, a traffic light. Real #Urban #Photographer hahaha

I think just as a basic rule of thumb if you are one of those people who hangs onto and uses those little coupons supermarkets send out to catchment areas (go you, nothing to be ashamed of) queue for the regular check out. That's like extreme high level shit to be trying to do on the self service checkout.

Also, I was wondering; if they branded the self service checkouts as 'express' check outs, do you reckon people would inherently have reservations over using them when they knew they were going to be slow for whatever reason?

The guy who owns the building that our office is in put this notice up on this little hot water tap thing. Is it literally the most boring thing ever? Is this the most boring thing anyone has ever wrote out? Spend a little bit of time just trying to read it. Everytime I go to the sink to get a drink I laugh to myself, I can't imagine that guy writing this out and thinking people will actually stand, read it and digest it hahahaha.

I went to Crafty Burger again the other night. Only my second time! Ben was up, so me and him popped along. He had this cheeseburger with belly pork and these little crispy onion rings.

I had this chicken thigh burger I'd heard good things about. It was coated and fried in rice krispies! It was so nice though, it really worked. I told my mum and she said she had heard of like chicken nuggets in crunched up corn flakes, so I guess it's a similar thing.

The topped fries are still my favourite thing though, these were insane. I fucking love chips so much.

Kanye headlined Glastonbury on Saturday night as I'm sure you know. What did you lot think? It was a weird one, obviously I bum him so hard and I reckon in places it was incredible but it was so ropey at times. Loads of technical issues and missed cues, I don't think it was his best show ever. Compare it to his Coachella headline set in 2011 or when Jay Z did Glasto and for me it doesn't really come close. Hold My Liquor was a disaster. That being said he shot out of the blocks and the first half an hour was insane. All Day absolutely went off haha

Worst photo ever, (well second worst following my photo of that guy taking pictures further up this feed) but I made these toasted meatball cubanos. I made this sauce with red onions and jalapeƱos and put fucking loads of cheese in them. They were so nice. 

I wonder what these would taste like. '4 Wildly tasty 90g fat balls'. I always find it weird when they describe animal food as tasty. Like on dog food adverts. I had a look at them and they looked like what you pull out of a sink when you unblock it. Fucking rancid tramp little birds

Shout to that new ice cream spot in St Martins Square. 3 scoops, I had hazelnut, banana sorbet and chocolate. Unreal. They had liquorice flavour too, that I've not had since I was about 15 but I thought it wouldn't be nice with these flavours. Might catch me mid week just COPPING the ting though

Are worn out, see through leggings simply the most undignified thing of our generation? I really struggle with this shit. I'm not even a clothes snob. I wont try to mask my shit personality or physical flaws by spending £100s of pounds on expensive clothes to fast track a sense of self worth. I love cheap clothes. I'll buy cheap clothes. But ideally, can girls just stop buying cheap see through leggings? Fuck me. How has it got to this. Let's make sure the garment serves the basic purpose before we buy it please.


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