Wednesday, 17 June 2015



Have you been following this story? It's the most genius thing, I can't quite believe it. It couldn't be anyone else this week could it. For anyone who has been under a rock, Rachel Dolezal is from Montana, is a president for the Washington chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) and a University Lecturer in the field of African American studies. This week the story broke that she has falsely represented herself claiming to have African American heritage and claims to be 'black'. Photos have surfaced of her as a blue eyed caucasian teenager and caused absolute meltdown on the internet, it's all been pretty funny to watch.

The mad twist is that it's her parents that ratted her out. She had been falsely claiming that a black guy was her Dad and her actual Dad (obviously a white guy) came forward and outed her. “She’s clearly our birth daughter, and we’re clearly Caucasian, that’s just a fact,”  Her surname is of Czech descent haha. It's fucking mental, but brilliant because it's like she cannot stay away from reporters and she doesn't look like she is very good at thinking on her feet. It's like she knows what she is doing is wrong and doesn't have many answers. It's one thing being politically motivated and interested in racial issues outside of your own race, that's nothing new, but it's a whole other thing lying about your race and identity. Cringeworthy clips are popping up left, right and centre of her dodging the most clear, straight forward questions, check the one I embedded below.

As much of a fucking idiot as she is I considered the role of political correctness in all of this. It's quite clear when looking at photos of her with her fake tan and her braids or heavily permed hair that she is appropriating black culture. She is effectively dressed in blackface, which is outrageous. But then consider that the big headlines last week were that Bruce Jenner underwent gender realignment surgery and revealed himself to the world as a woman. Labelled 'brave' and 'courageous' by the masses for being the real him, despite his genetic make up. A celebration of what identity means in this day and age. But as soon as Rachel alters her appearance with similar motives she is vilified. It doesn't seem like much of a level playing field to me.

That's just a thought. It doesn't change the fact she is a knob.

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