Wednesday, 3 June 2015



Scott Mills. He's probably an alright bloke. He, himself doesn't even annoy me. I was googling to find a little picture of his face for this post and I kind of felt bad for throwing him into the pit. BUT! I have my reasons. I hate the way that all of the Radio 1 presenters all love themselves. They all think they're fucking hilarious and interesting. They all think that the sound of their own voice is more important than just playing music.

All of them. Chris Moyles, Annie Mac, Ferne Cotton, and most of all Scott Mills. Basic cunts with an extremely basic sense of humour encourage this crap boring shit. It's fine because I never have to hear the radio. I don't have it on in my workplace or whatever. I can go literally months and months on end without even encountering the radio. Which is wonderful. But on my recent road trip around Scotland when I was sat shotgun I was flicking through the stations and when I scanned over Radio 1 all I heard was this fucking guy.

Do they seriously think the shit they say is interesting? I hate the way Radio 1 build brands out of these no mark cunt presenters and their shows are more about ramming these basic, basic people down your throat than just playing music. They have their little sections and daily features and skits and I'm baffled that people actually get involved and enjoy that sort of content. It drives me mad, I cannot listen to it. I cannot understand how people can choose to listen to their idle chit chat. They're not your friends. Regardless wether you hear them every day in your van or office, you do not know these people.

It's mad though. It's exhausting being annoyed at this shit. They're just catering for the mindless majority who cannot be arsed to actually get into stuff and have a sense of taste. They'll gladly listen to Radio 1 all day, watch Britians Got Talent and go see Fast and Furious 7 at the weekend. People like Scott Mills can just churn out narcissistic mediocrity and the idiot masses will lap it up and it's pointless being bothered by it.

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