Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I feel like absolute shit. I haven't smelt anything in days. It's crap being ill. Ah well, some small children have cancer, I've got a cold. I can't feel that sorry for myself can I.

Tom had a BBQ for his birthday the other week. He always gives it stacks about how his mum is an awesome cook. She made a load of stuff for it, the main event being these sausage rolls with caramelised onions in. Are you fucking nuts? Do you know how insanely good these were? I had to fire off a 4 part appreciation tweet.

These are pretty sick. Available from TJs supermarket on the highstreet. AKA the best shop in Leicester.

I went to see Mad Max. I knew it was a risk. Max enthused massively about it and urged me to see it on the big screen to do it justice. I'm sort of dismissive of a lot of Sci Fi stuff, it's really not my favourite genre. Although as Max said when he was telling me how good it was it isn't really Sci Fi, it's set in the future, so I gave it a bang.

I don't think i've ever been so bored in my life. Have you seen it? they spent about 5 minutes detailing the characters at the start of the film and then the remaining two hours was just a car chase with loads of explosions. I didn't have any empathy for any of the characters, I wasn't at all invested in any of them and didn't care if they died. Given that the whole movie is these guys risking their lives it was a bit flawed. It was the same old shit over and over again, literally just a car chase through the desert. Bang up there with the most boring films I've ever sat through. As the film reached it's climactic final scene you'll never guess what they went for. As the big finale to the epic? Obviously a car chase with explosions through the desert again. Fucking gutted I wasted my evening on it.

Quick dead pigeon. Always.

I saw this woman on the phone like this the other day hahaha it really got me. Why? You're just making your life harder than it needs to be for no reason.

My friend Steph invited me along as her +1 to a press night at Grillstock. It's a new BBQ restaurant that's opened up in St Martins Square. It was like an open night with live music, free booze and food basically getting a load of local bloggers and press to talk about it and drum up some attention.

The food was crazy, I can't wait to go back and really go for it. We had these little sample pots of loads of different stuff and like bits of cheese burgers with pulled pork on and shit.

This cheeseburger had pulled pork in it. It was awesome.

They were throwing free cocktails at us, we ended up drinking these like peach ice teas with rum in them. We were both pretty drunk by the end of the night haha.

That's all for now, I'll be back later in the week with a load of stuff from London and Manchester. WICKEDLAND

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