Monday, 13 July 2015


I hate when old people try and son you. I had a conversation with someone earlier and they were really patronising because they were old. All I can think is how much I love my life and that they're gonna be dead soon.

Have you tried these yet? Don't bother, literally taste exactly the same as a normal Snickers. That Aero Mousse bar however, jesus that's a fucking treat. Been hammering them of late.

I can't not make a little Hannibal Lector grill when I eat those Salt and Vinegar chipsticks.

this guy had one of those like long leather coats with like military shit all over it. The little shoulder patches and details on the cuffs. I can't imagine wearing this shit haha it was so extra for just nipping to Tesco.

I can't take this shit much more. She had scanned a box of cakes at the full price when they were reduced. FOOLISHLY didn't cover the original bar code with her hand when she went to the till and paid the price. So on screen it says 'Please place item in bagging area' out loud the machine is saying over and over again 'Please place item in bagging area.' If we can pause life at this point like Em and Dre in the Guilty Conscience video what do you think she should do? probably pop the item in the bagging area right?

So she stands there, flapping. I said 'You need to put the box in the bagging area so you can take it back off.' She is motionless, so confused by the whole situation '...I already did' I said 'Well you obviously didn't, it's not lying is it?' I stepped in to just do it for her. I couldn't take her just standing there doing nothing much longer. She said '...It is.' AS IN THE FUCKING MACHINE IS LYING?!?!?1

Fuck me. So if there are humans knocking about who think that machines are lying for whatever reason can we please try and make it so that these are not the ones who are allowed to use self service checkouts? I cannot take it. They are so simple, stop being so think. I don't go around driving diggers because I don't know how to. That is a machine that I've never bothered to learn how to use, so I avoid jumping in diggers whenever possible. Can people apply that same train of thought to self service checkouts please?

This guy had fully slopped it. He is one of those old piss heads who slops around town asking for money. It's fucked these days. Living in town it's like every single fucking day I'm pestered by these tramps for money. I'll be walking along having a conversation and some smackhead with butt in asking for change. It's hard to resist telling them to go and overdose in some squat somewhere.

Looks crap innit? Me and Brad were talking to the guys in Peri Peri about fasting and they told us they break their fast with a fruit salad. They gave us a little bit, it was really nice. It had like a masala spice on the fruit. If you imagine like a spice apple kind of thing, it was like that.

Daaaark photo, when me and Brad were chilling at mine on Friday a couple pulled into a parking bay outside my window arguing. It was pretttyyyyy sick live theatre. From what I could gather he had been drinking and she was threatening to get out and walk. She got out and was then leaning in the car and arguing with him. I was filming it, waiting for it to kick off. He was stressing, hitting his head off the head rest. In the end she was sat in the passenger seat and he just pulled off pure fast with her door still open. Pretty fun to watch.

Why is it the older I get and the more weighed down with responsibilities the more I hate hippies? I don't mean girls who wear some tie dye and less make up, I mean people who do not want to grow up and face the real world. I was incensed on Saturday that sitting and pumping a bongo was the best way this woman could find to spend her Saturday. Ridiculous behaviour. I should not have to hear that.

Saturday night BLG supported Mahalia at the Cookie, they standardly duppied it.

Mahalia is incredible. She is a 17 years old singer/songwriter, Zane's younger sister. I saw her first a couple years back, and I'm sure I wrote about her then but she is just on another planet. This was somewhat of a homecoming gig and I was gobsmacked throughout her whole set. The writing is so multi dimensional and really inspiring in terms of technicality, yet her songs are really simple and relatable. She played a medley of instruments and her voice is haunting and gentle. She's already receiving huge attention working with Ed Sheeran and writing and recording with Rudimental, recently appearing on Later with Jools Holland with them. I can't stand Kasabian so I'm really enjoying watching a real talent from Leicester rise to stardom, she deserves it all. Check her out here

Teeps dashed a roach while we were mooching about and it landed like this on a drain. I wonder what the odds of that are

Another annoyingly dark photo but don't watch that. This station at McDonalds has all the other stuff but no straws. How fucking annoying is that? Ridiculous scenes.

That's Wickedland, see you again soon no doubt

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