Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Yoooooooo WOSKENON I mean WOS REALLY GENON DEN I'm in a fucking wicked mood man. Does reading about someone being in a great mood when you're in an average mood piss you off or buzz you out? That's a pretty good test to see if you're a positive person or not isn't it.

Bees sent me a photo of this car. Imagine having a car and thinking it would be a good idea to do that to it. Crazy.

The fire alarm in my block always goes off. It's got to the point where I just fully ignore it now, it's pointless getting out of bed for it. It doesn't even cross my mind that that's what it is for. I left out for work one morning after it had been going off and all this gang was chilling outside. Even with these lot there was still no fire. If I burn to death destroy my hard drive. 

The young homie Elliot Whitelaw said he has never been on Wickedland before. I was surprised with that as this guy has been around doing a couple bits for a minute now. Apparently I mentioned him once but spelt his name wrong. He had a tweet a few days ago that 22 thousand retweets.


I was in London on Friday so I flew through a shop in Camberwell Kyle Platts had curated. I've never met the guy before, but worked on a few illustration projects with him before through SPT and been a big fan of his work for a long time. It was cool to finally link up.

Me and Teeps were down to see 50 Cent and G Unit shutdown the O2. The show was insane. The O2 was sold out for it, and we got right near the front! Whoo Kid was just Djing playing whatever, so it wasn't like they would do one song then stop for applause. They were running through like 10 songs at a time back to back, proper cramming them in, stuff from all up and down his career. He did a joint that I bump non stop, that I would have never in a million years guessed that I would have heard, Hole In Your Back. It was incredible.

I cannot get over these shops that have these incredible selections of fizzy drinks. I've always liked massive collections of shit, or photographs where you can see loads of different versions of something. London has so many of these shops all over the place. Just think about this shit for a second and think about Turkish Meze restaurants and honestly try and tell me that you don't think we should just open the floodgates and let Europe into our country. They're clearly making it a load better than we ever did.

Take this shit for example; International food market in Hackney, some Germans just rock up with a cheese and fruit cake. Look at it. Baked. Jesus.

We ate at this little stall selling haggis grilled sandwiches.


This was that sandwich. Hot haggis, cheddar, caramelised onions, rocket and mustard, then pressed and grilled. It was fucking divine, I've never thought of haggis as a sandwich filler before.

These coke sluts were around the park giving out free coke party packs. Me and jamie were all over it. Out of all the faceless huge corporations that murder orphans to give people in the first world products Coca Cola is bang up there for the best of them in my opinion. I think it's the few drops of orphans blood in every can that make it so delicious.

Pretty happy.

I was talking to Jamie that morning about how mad it is that nearly all of the rappers and MCs in the UK scene are riding those swegboards. Literally a couple hours later we are chilling in the park and see some guy riding in on one. We remarked on it, then as he came closer I realised it was J Spades haha. So I asked him for a photo, he was so so safe man. Told me MMMP 3 is going to be out in about 2 weeks. I told him I'm not from London and that me and my friends all bump him hard in Leicester and he said he had 'Love for his Midlands mandem still' haha. He was so safe.

Cash Converters has a mascot. Is that really necessary? They realised their customer base was 95% smackheads selling stolen goods, so they've made a mascot to try and drag kids into their weird, uncomfortable realm. Have you ever been in one? It's fucking horrible, they are almost like halfway houses where you are surrounded by desperate, clucking smackheads trying to shift a few Nintendo Wii games to score a next fix. No mascot needed really.

Imagine being the sort of person where those big, ridiculous Beats headphones weren't flashy enough for you, you need to go and get them in gold. 

That's your lot you greedy slags, see you all soon!

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