Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I always buy Sour Skittles because I think I like them but I really don't, I probably just like the packaging. Earlier I was eating a grab bag hating every mouthful.

This was funny. You know how Chinese people love to take photos of fucking anything? Some guy was fitting a shutter in town and he was surrounded by a gaggle of Chinese students all taking photos of him. Is that the most mundane, boring thing to photograph? I wonder what Instagram in China is like. I wonder how often people post.

Are McDonalds trying to take the piss out of my soul? I got the happy meal with my meal aka the gentlemans dessert and this is what they handed me with it haha. Kind of into it now, I think I was just really thirsty at the time.

They're killing it with these though. I recently mentioned how into Aero I'm getting, and this bastard McFlurry is wonderful. I want a bottle of the green mint sauce they put in these. Utterly divine.

Two bathtubs out by the bins in my apartment block. This really made me laugh, they were together like two parts of a bun on a burger. Modern art mate, either get it, or get over it

Arguably the best banter is when someone is using the self service checkout and just walks off midway through putting their items through to go and do more shopping.

Fully fucking hooked on these. I'm a bastard for a biscuit you know. They're only £1.05 at the minute. I feel like they're gonna do with these what they did with the Banana Crisp Dairy Milk where they give you a low price to start with, get you all fucking hooked and then hike it up when you are already in. Literally a pack a day at the minute.

I went to Leicester Racecourse this weekend for my Mums birthday. It was the fucking loveliest hottest day and everyone was out. Big up all the Dads with their funny crap shirts on. I think these #DadLADs were being #Ironic

This woman had customised her hat to have a picture of King Richard III on. Seriously imagine that hahaha. 'Well it's Leicester race day, so why not?' Sitting at home doing it thinking this is gonna be sooooo sick.

Are you lot still wearing garments with sleeves? BORING

The whole thing was huge, there must've been a few thousand people there.

These were actual genuine sunglasses this woman was wearing. Reckon they're a medical thing? Because surely she couldn't have been wearing them because she likes the way they look right?

Me and the gang. It was such a fun day, shegged a few early bets but had a few wins back to back by the end of the day to bring it back. Horse racing is fucking mental though, just bet on names and cool jerseys. At this level literally anything can happen, pointless trying to back a favourite and having shit odds.

Went on a massive bike ride with Dan yesterday. Out like past Great Glen, into Billsden. The sun was so nice, I've got a proper stripe across my nose bridge from my sunglasses. We stopped off to get photographs of this rabbit. I feel like roadkill has always made up a slice of the Wickedland pie and I didn't want to miss this guy.

After we took the photos we were just at the roadside having a drink and working out where we were going next and a car rallied over it. It was a damp, thick rolling sound. The rabbit changed position. DUNK DUNK, like that. I happened to be looking straight at it haha.

Poor fucker.


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