Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Yoooo it's been MONTHS since I put one of these posts together. Here's some of my favourite things I've seen recently.

Tyson was so sick man. This gif is hypnotising.

This video is insane. Not only is Hot Chips latest record their best album in years, the visuals are as good as ever. Have you seen Primer? This is pure like that. Check it out. Reading the comments is pretty fun, loads of cool fan theory stuff.

Click to enlarge

Skepta did a sick interview with Hatty Collins for Red Bull. Red Bull are rapidly becoming one of those companies that have the most amazing avenues. Would be so so cool to work for them. Hatty has been around the grime scene forever, so it's cool to have someone interviewing Skepta who actually knows what they're talking about. There is a really interesting Q&A too.

This bloke really made me laugh. It looks like he has eyes painted onto the lenses of his glasses, just staring at the Aussie hahaha. It spun me at that time.

And that's your lot! See you soon

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