Friday, 25 September 2015



Who else embodies how crap boxing is these days more so than this clown? I've never been pure into boxing but my Dad was so it was kind of always on in the house when I was a kid. I guess for sentimental reasons I hold the 90s era quite close. Boxers like Tyson and Lewis were so sick. In time I've come to realise even that annoying little prick Prince Naseem Hamed is one of the sickest guys ever to live.

The thing that irritates me about boxing these days is that it's more about the press trail rather than the actual fight. The build up to Froch and Groves II was just these two soulless thick blokes sitting next to each other every chance they got telling the media how much they hate each other. Not an ounce of personality between them. Now we've got Tyson Fury VS Wladimir Klitschko to look forward to. While Klitschko handles his business with a sense of class like a champion we're as a nation are supposed to get behind that prick Tyson Fury.

Don't know if you saw it earlier this week but he turned up to a press conference dressed as Batman. Dorks and arsekissers of the boxing press world force laughed along as he tackled a bloke dressed at The Joker and then said something to the affect of Klitschko is next. Boring thick cunt. I hate seeing smug boxing promoters grinning and rubbing their hands over this pantomime. I can't take mediocre boxers who go along with it just to get a shot like this twat, it's embarrassing and there is no wonder the sport is losing its integrity. 

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