Monday, 7 September 2015


Yo REAL TALK yeah, I'm gutted that that excuse for a fucking summer is over. Was that it? Seriously? This is the first summer in 10 years I've not been away to somewhere hot and it's killed me. It's like today it was fucking cold, I actually felt underdressed. The wind was cold. It's finished. It's really got to me.

I can't remember where the fuck this was, but I remember some guy was out somewhere dressed in this fucking Morris dancer drop having a drink. Maybe Firebug? Either way, just get changed or whatever. No need. Not into it.

I am into this fucking logo though, you having that? Look at that little perfect crescent shape for the claw. Fucking gorgeous stuff, so clean and simple.

Twitter is doing it's best to shag it. Every single time they make changes it's for the worse. They've changed the little golden favourite star to a deep red batty emotional love heart and now this shit. Some deeper quiz when you log in. It's good that it's hard for my friends to find me! 'Friends' You mean a bunch of people who I used to go to school with who I didn't like then and still don't like? They're not friends, they're people I've met before.

Why do girls wear these capes? I don't understand it. Are you Batman? Are you a super hero? And I'm still annoyed over how everyone is wearing Adidas Superstars again. This years classic design that has always been around and available but the sheep needed a green light on it before they could go and buy and pretend to be into them. Fuck fashion, I hate it so bad. The idea of wearing something because everyone else is. Fuck that, what is your identity worth?

This was a lot of noise for no good reason. I was hungover and I had to nip into town to get a couple of bits. Headphones in, as ever, full blast and yet I could hear these noisy cunts over the top. They were not a band or anything, just random people getting together and making noise. All playing to a different beat. How is that allowed? If I stand in the middle of town and scream at the top of my lungs and make as much noise a s I can I'm an arsehole and that's not allowed but this is?!?!?! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

Looooooool What is this in response to? What does it mean? i'd love to know who wrote this and what their point was.

Man like Nick, see the king of the CDs yeah? Bare Cds

Jet C played Beastwang on Bank Holiday Sunday. It was so sick, I love MCing over this guys sets, always so hype, I love the way he mixes. AND he played Ps and Qs for me, it was too too gassed.

I went to see my cousins son Louie earlier this week. It's mad how fast kids grow up around this age isn't it. Like he is 2 and a half now and he is changing so much every time I see him. When I was there he wanted to show me his bed because he is finally out of a cot and he was so proud of it haha. Kids are wicked, I'm always vocal about Facebook mums forcing it down your neck but it must be amazing. I spend a few hours with this guy just playing with his toys and reading to him, I can't wait to have kids.

So I've got this Bold detergent at the minute yeah and it's like a thick blue liquid. It looks fucking delicious. Every single time I pour some of it out I want to back it and just walk to hospital.

Look at that. And I, as a human in 2015 have to resist drinking this shit? What is my life?

Another one is those bait £5.99 sports direct Nike hats. Especially when it's the DMU black girls who wear them. They looked so much better without them, how did Skepta gas them so so hard and make them want to dress like roadmen? I cant stand it, they look so cheap and crap. Girls shouldn't be wearing caps anyway, but that's a different issue. What makes them think all of a sudden they're just going to start wearing these. I can't imagine going to meet a girl and she shows up wearing a fucking cap like Skepta. Why weren't any of these girls wearing these hats a couple years ago? They've always been around if you like them so much you can just go and get one right?

Sad sad times, the Chicken and Cheddar Classic has been taken from the McDonalds menu. It was on there long enough for me to think it was a permanent addition to the menu and not just seasonal. I went in on the 1st of the month after craving one bad for about a week and I was greeted with the news it had finished the day before. heartbroken.

Instead I got this Chicken and Chutney Indian. It really wasn't very nice at all, I might go on record as saying it's the worst thing I've ever ate from McDonalds. Horrible crap flavours, it really didn't help me get over the death of the Chicken and Cheddar Classic.

Some shop by the side of the market has this carried massive painting of the guy from Kasabian in their window hahahaha. So genius. He's a busy prick anyway so I bet he fucking loves it but seriously, who is going to have that up in their house? I think it was like a furniture shop or something. I was in hysterics in the street haha.

alright cool anyway I'm done, see you here again soon


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