Friday, 4 September 2015



Do you know about this guy? I saw him on some episode of Catfish when I was over at my cousins house the other day and it reminded me what a worthless piece of shit he is. For those who don't know I don't have much to tell you, because I don't care enough about him to give a fuck about any of his music. He's a rapper, the kind of rapper that is like all the shit, annoying crap parts of Eminem put together without any of the good stuff.

I can't stand this guy, look at what a poser he is. He's like the team captain of those soft lads who get covered in tattoos. He's Travis Barker if he decided to rap. And seriously, his music is fucking trash. He backs himself so much and it's fucking shockingly shit. One of my favourite videos is when he went on Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called him shit and told him to spit something hot for him. He reached deep within himself and brought out his best verse. Listen to the useless crap he spits for Charlamagne, then gets salty when nobody gives a fuck. It's so so so bad and he is so self assured! Hahaha. I've just watched it again, it never fails to amuse me.

Skip to 19:45

He's a useless disposable culture vulture. Constantly trying to force the idea of him being a wild party boy, it's just boring. Everybody likes to party, so what? Grow up. Constantly talking about his struggle and what he has been through and so on as if that changes anything. Grow up. I think when Eminem had his rise to fame and broke down the idea of white rappers being a novelty act we knew we were undoubtably going to get these cunts coming along as well. Nobody quite embodies the problem as much as Machine Gun Kelly.

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