Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Yo! On Saturday I went along to the UK Burger Battle with Max and Jimlad at The Parcel Yard. It was kind of sick, two different venues went head to head and a bunch of us all had to judge who had the best burger.

We had the Crafty one first. Crafty are in St Martins Square. They had a beef burger, with a pulled pork croquette, homemade burger sauce, red leicester. It was fucking delicious. Possibly the best burger I have ever had.

It was pretty cool, like both chefs had a station set up outside preparing and serving the burgers side by side.

Next up was The Pagets, apparently a Nottingham leg of the Steaming Billys group (who own The Parcel Yard.) It was very good, but not a patch on the Craftys burger. Beef burger (a little too well done) with red leicester, then topped with an onion ring that had pulled pork in the ring. Bacon was involved too. It was lovely, but Crafty won.

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