Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Yo what's up dunny. I miss doing the podcasts you know. I've had a heavy week listening to so many podcasts and I really miss doing them. They're just hard to schedule, finding a time that works for everyone. I promise they're coming back soon.

Last weekend a game that me, Tom and Dan were meant to be playing in got cancelled. We were already in Market Harborough so we spent some time fucking around there.

This is pretty funny isn't it? Any need really for all of these? They look like they've just been dropped there by accident.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaan coke boys baby

You know these 'KEEP CALM AND _____' T shirts? They only really work when it's a short, snappy message right? Like this isn't a parody of the original design. This doesn't resemble the original design. It looks shit, it's lost all likeness. 

There was some bullshit village fair thing going on in Market Harborough. All I could think the whole time I was there was fuck being from one of those fucking places man. Fuck being from a village. So glad I was born and raised in a fucking city, all these people looked so weird and backwards. This volunteer moved us off this bench we were sitting so he could put this yellow and black tape around some guys who were cooking incase kids ran into it haha. We were quizzing this woman about it, why she thought that was a good idea and so on. Look at how high the tape is. Busy bastards, let the kids fucking burn and learn.

Can you see the guys ladder in the shadow? You ever get urges to do something you know you shouldn't do like when you're near the edge of something and a small part of you wants to jump off? Or like when you're talking to someone sat pretty close with them and you just think you could just punch them right now and knock them out? How badly do you think I wanted to kick this ladder once the idea got in my head? I literally had to cross the road.

Just a cut off cast outside my front door. Why not. Just pop that there, no need to move it.

How fucking crap is this? This really bothered me, no wonder everyone thinks writers are fucking knobheads. This mural has been there for as long as I've been alive, and it's always been so sick, even if it has seen better days. I've always enjoyed looking at it and this prick goes over it with something fucking terrible. I don't even know who this cunt is but he needs a slap, such a dead thing to do. As soon as I seen it I saw 20 more walls within a 50 yard radius that are just as good for a little chrome. Fuck this shit man. Apparently the bloke who did the mural died 5 years ago and his family still live around the corner.

I'm all for bombing and damage, and I love hardcore graffiti and fully support battering everything and vandalising everything. But let this wall fucking breath. Just move on, let it be. Respect the longevity and notoriety of this piece of artwork.

Though spelt differently I guess it's this same guy? it's a shame his dub is so crap because I was gonna say i really like this handstyle. I only clocked a couple days ago it's probably the same guy.

KFC have got those new rice boxes, have you seen those? I seen a TV advert too. Like with KFC I just have reservations over how small the actual thing would be. Like I can imagine getting my hands on one and it being tiny. It's literally not worth going there.

That's all, I'm juuuust about there with another dead food post so hang tight for that, should be with you all very soon!

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