Friday, 18 September 2015



Ahhhhh Section Boyz. So for anyone who doesn't know of them they're a group of MCs from London who make trap. They're closely affiliated with the grime scene and I think this is why I can't stand them. They keep popping up on bills all over where everyone else on the line up is grime. But we are supposed to just like this too because it's black guys from London, so why wouldn't we?

They typify and embody all the stuff wrong with what happened after Skepta started repping the whole Sports Direct thing. These are the sort of 'roadmen' who follow fashion, wear skinny jeans and love taking selfies. Constantly posing and slightly covering their faces. You know those young flash black lads from London who were cutting shapes and selling balloons the summer before this one just gone? And the summer before that they were all wearing the long T-shirt that A$AP mob brought in? It's thoooose kind of guys that make up Section Boyz.

On top of all that they're just plain shit. All their songs are awful, carried by the beats. There is one good MC in the team and the rest are so so shockingly shit, It just goes to prove that nobody has taste anymore. People are just happy to like what everyone else likes for the sake of it all being easy and running smoothly. All there songs are about 6 minutes long because every cunt needs a fucking verse, I just can't take how big they are, and because they fall close to what I actually like they pop up all the time because of the media I subscribe to. We don't want you Section Boyz, even if you are mates with Skepta and Stormzy.

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