Thursday, 25 February 2016


Yooooooo what's going on people? Even though it was bitterly cold today I feel like we are on the way up. Like it might be light when you leave work tomorrow. Hopefully we actually get a summer this year. Time will tell. Here's a few bits from either side of my trip to Amsterdam.

Did you see Zouma's made injury the other week? Fucking horrible. I can't imagine how mad that must feel

Seeing these pictures is making me realise how long it's been since I did one of these posts. I cooked this and it was fucking gorgeous. Mad how asparagus makes your piss stink though isn't it.

I went for food on my birthday with my mum and my little sister. Look at how fucking excited my mum is at the prospect of being on my blog hahaha big up mum, eeeeeearly wickedlander

I went to watch Kanyes Yeezy Season 3 launch party at MGS at the Showcase with Darryl. It was really weird, like he basically debuted his new album from a laptop, while models modelled his new range. It was sick, kind of iconic. The whole thing was shot really nicely.

Especially given it was my birthday and we were in the cinema getting pissed up I think I'll remember my first listen to this album for a long time. With new albums from my favourite artists I always try and dedicate some complete attention to them on first listen, and with this is was a cool way to first hear TLOP

Went for a birthday sloz at Orange Tree. Mitch made me the strongest long island. I was hammered by the time we left.

Darryl got us a couple of shots of this peanut liqueur and it was fucking blinding. It went down really nicely and just tasted a bit like a snickers you could drink and get pissed off it. Get some next time you see it.

I tweeted this photo of Brad when we linked up before our flight. Oz (the guy I work with) photoshopped the following versions haha. How much fun. Imagine being alive in an age where we didn't have the internet and photoshop. Load of rubbish.

I can't remember when this guys hat said, it was a few letters, but it was one of those fitted hats with the big metal bolted on letters like what footballers or Floyd Mayweather wear. Very mental

Still ouchea

There is this woman who sells the Big Issue near St Martins Square who occasionally plays the accordion. Considering how much I usually dislike buskers in the street she fucking shreds on this thing. I don't give a fuck about her Big Issue, but if she's on this thing I'll always chuck her a couple of quid. She doesn't like me to take photos of her regardless.

Croques are really taking the piss these days. I'd rather they just didn't bother giving me these, they look so pathetic and rubbish.

I fucking love Instanbul you know, I just wanna eat there every single day. I tell everyone to go here and there is literally no excuse if you haven't already been. Like you have to eat every single day of your life to stay alive so just go and eat the food from here. It's easy.

It was a right jolly old time.

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