Thursday, 4 February 2016


Alright there you scumbags? I feel like these kind of posts are few and far between these days. I guess it's a combination of things, because it's winter I'm not venturing out taking photos of dorks in town, also with giving the podcasts more prevalence I'm concentrating on them. Don't worry, we are still here.

You know for years I avoided eating ice cream. Ice cream and crisps. Both deliciously moorish and hard to resist. Nico brought over some Ben and Jerry's a few weeks back and since then I've been fucking hooks. Anything cinnamon gets a pass from me, and this cinnabun one is fucking nuts. I feel like this is going to really be the reason I lose the battle with trying not to get fat.

Look at Olly on Snapchat hahahaha look at that fucking book. Mental. 'The complete book of sexual love'

See the sign in the bottom left of this photo? It reads 'check out our upstairs seating area'. It's for the Detox Shack, in the right of the photo. Why on earth is that fucking around pointing down the high street? That's so ridiculous isn't it? Imagine drawing that and thinking ah sod it that'll do. Just correct it.

I made a chilli in the slow cooker the other week. Man, it's the best thing I've ever bought. I used steak mince, the chilli was insane. It lasted fucking ages too.

I made a beat for a tune that Jafro and Kama are lacing. It should be out soon. Exciting to see what both of these two are going to do this year. Recently I've been making grime beats for a load of different people. I wanna put together a mixtape this year, like a compilation of a load of grime tracks I've produced with different MCs on them. It's always been something I've wanted to do, but I've worked with some cool people over the last few months and I think now might be the time.

How is it we live in a system where people who sell weed can see prison cells but people who feed pigeons walk free amongst us. Mental.

Deliveroo are an awesome company with a great ethos but their working are fucking scum. I'm getting sick of seeing them camped out in Mcdonalds, taking up space and making noise. It's weird as well, like they hire tramps. They're all constantly in there being tramps and showing each other weird videos on their phones logged onto the fucking cloud wifi. Is there anything more poverty than cloud wifi?

I went to see The Revenant the other night with my Mum. It was really good! It's an odd one because everyone was looking forward to it but some of my friends who are into movies didn't like it in the end. Said it was a bit boring. But I really enjoyed it. Tom Hardy is absolutely fucking awesome, it's been great seeing him grow over the last 5 years. He plays such varied roles and can massively transform the way he comes over on screen. I think we could really consider him one of the modern greats if he carries on like this.

I made this recipe out of a slow cooker book I got for Christmas. It was brown and wild rice, with chopped tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, pesto, red peppers and red onions. You cook the whole thing in a chicken stock that obviously reduces as it cooks. It was sublime.

Look at how fucking delicious that looks.

I've been nailing Terry's Chocolate Oranges recently. Very easy to eat, very delicious. Very mental for £1 at Tesco. They weigh so much haha

Went to see Leicester duppy Liverpool at the King Power the other night. It was a great game. Vardy scored that insane goal. I went to the same fixture last season and it's nuts how louder they are this season. Obviously with good cause, but the atmosphere was mental. Leicester fully deserved the win, there was some great football. It's so exciting, dreaming of what they might achieve this season.

It was cool, after the game I was watching the Leicester players and how they reacted to their pretty convincing win. They were all so cool with it, business as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Tom and Liam are Leicester fans. Me and my spot wanted Liverpool to do the business.

Bees has this scab on her forehead at the minute that is the exact shape of Africa. I told her and Oz about how I had a bit of chicken once that was the shape of Africa. Here is a picture of Africa with the scab and the chicken either side. (Scab on the right, I know it's hard to tell because they all look so alike).

I watched a film called Love and Mercy earlier on in the week. It was pretty cool, it was about Brian Wilson and the making of The Beach Boys album 'Pet Sounds' in 1965. It's such an interesting story, I never knew that The Beach Boys made such revolutionary music. Apparently at the time this album was massively experimental and pushed the boundaries with key changes, song structure, chord progression and certain noises that were heard in the album. Things that had never been done.

 At the time it massively flopped in the charts as the sunkissed surfer girls of California didn't really like the sound and the direction of the new record and it received mass criticism from critics. As time wore on and people came to understand the importance and realise how influential this record was it received acclaim and people consider it one of the most important records of all time in terms of progressing modern popular music. I was completely fascinated and spent a lot of time over the next few days reading about the album and listening to it on repeat. It does have wonderful moments. I never listened to The Beach Boys much, so it was all really fun and new to me. I would love to have been able to hear it back then and see how it sounded compared to everything else. If you're a seasoned fan or a newbie I'd recommend the film. It's really well put together and it's a very interesting story.

That's your lot! Thanks for reading, I'll be back tomorrow with Wasteman of the Week.

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