Friday, 19 February 2016



He's not had the best 12 months really has he. Finally got to face his arch rival, lost, and now this. Manny has been all over the news this week after a clip from an interview surfaced when he says 'If you have male on male or female on female relationships then humans are worse than animals'. This comes off the back of his explaining his beliefs are so because he is a christian. As you can imagine these comments have caused quite the media frenzy.

This also led to Nike dropping him after an 8 year deal. Kind of convenient on their part given they have overlooked similar comments before from him, and especially now he is on the scraphead. Smart move from them to distance themselves from this. It's a shame because Manny Pacquiao has always been seen as the smiling nice guy who come from absolutely nothing to world super stardom and insane riches. No wonder he had the backing of companies as big as Nike, I imagine the rags to riches rhetoric is a hugely marketable angle for a brand of that size.

As if it wasn't all enough of a mess he then came out in his own defence and said 'People are alarmed by the truth', and really put that fucking icing on the cake. He's at the level of stardom where even people who do not follow boxing know his name, and given the coverage his recent comments have had, I'm sure there's plenty of members of the general public who are going to remember him for the things he's said rather than his triumphs in the ring.

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