Friday, 5 February 2016



As ever with Wickedland we have those odd moments where sports chat creeps in. I try to stop it but every now and then something slips through the net. This week it's in the form of that yellow tied tosspot Jim White. For those who don't know Jim White is a presenter on Sky Sports News, and transfer deadline day is the biggest day in his calendar. This is the day where deals get finalised with players moving from club to club at the end of a transfer window, and Jim White is the man who covers it all for Sky Sports News.

As with many things in popular culture, something that was once quite fun and quaint became popular and now the driving forces (in this case SSN) are keen to repeat the same success forcing a formula and sucking out of it all the fun sporadic bits that made it what it was. It's become over saturated with boring try hard shit, and is super hard to take. To the point where even the mindless drips that make up the community of football fans don't like it anymore. The types who watch Soccer AM. It's gotten that bad. It's everywhere too. I don't really watch SSN that much but Sky make sure he is all over social media just in case you nearly miss him.

I think the problem is that in a lot of cases (as with this window just passed in January) often, these transfer windows are a bit boring. There isn't much value mid season, so clubs aren't really willing to splash big money about. That doesn't halt Sky's need to produce content or constant reporting of non-stories, and with that Jim White's airtime. He is over the top, loud, unfunny and just a general knob. To top that the wankers who keep him in a job at Sky fucking love him. Nothing reminds me of the laddish banter wanker culture that is intertwined with football more than Sky's transfer deadline day coverage and Jim White is the face of it all. In the bin.

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