Friday, 26 February 2016



Do you know who this guy is? He's in a circle of comedians and podcasters that I'm plugged into. Josh 'The Fat Jew' Ostrovsky is a 34 year old from New York and he has a popping Instagram account with 7.8 million followers. He describes himself as an 'American pop culture commentator'. His whole persona is based off stealing other peoples tweets and memes and passing them off as his own. You scroll his Instagram account and each post is accompanied by a little caption. He'll take the time to crop out the original posters identity and pass off the tweets and memes as his own.

Some people think he is a sick social commentator, where as typically comedians tend to think he is a dick. There has been controversy before regarding him reposting and widely publicising material other comics had put out that was taken from their stand up routines. Since I've been aware of who he is I've seen countless people out him for this stuff and he literally doesn't care. Kind of admits to it in the media and still gets paid from his various revenue streams so he laughs it off.

In short, things are going pretty well for him. He's received a bunch of TV work, cameos in films and got a job as a reporter on E! all off the back of this curated content. Isn't that mad? Like he actually isn't at all humorous and is earning a living from stealing other peoples jokes. I read earlier that he receives $6,000 per sponsored post on his Instagram. After saying he wouldn't want to go into stand up comedy he spoke about how his Instagram is 'more like performance art than comedy'. Haha imagine that, what a cunt. Finally, just look at the bloke. Clearly a wasteman.

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