Friday, 12 February 2016



It's heartbreaking when I have to write this shit about someone I actually like. I usually sleep far less on weekends than during the week. Given the nature of the industry I work in I don't have to be at the office until 10am. However, on weekends I get far less sleep. I usually MC at a nightclub on Friday until about 5/6am, my bodyclock kindly wakes me up at 9am the following morning. Then if I decide to stay up and do anything Saturday night (like I did this Saturday) I have the pleasure of waking up at 8am to get ready to play football Sunday morning. It was no secret that this Sunday night (GMT) played host to Super Bowl 50, meaning I stayed up until 4am Monday morning.

So when I got to the office at 10am Monday on a collective 13(ish) hours sleep over the last 3 nights I wasn't best thrilled to remember that The Game was coming to Blueprint (formerly Liquid & Envy) to perform a PA. I sucked it up, got on with it and figured if he is on stage around 1/1:30 I could be back in bed by 2:30, and get a solid 6 and a half hours in, drink a lot of Lucozade all day Tuesday. I got to the club as planned at 12:45, spoke to a friend who was photographing the event who told me the planned stage time was 1:30, everything was running smoothly.

So The Game eventually shows up. He had been at a tour date in Birmingham that night and this was the official after party. A club appearance and PA were promised. It got to 1:30 ...It got to 2:30. People grew restless. The Game was in a roped off area drinking and chilling. People were gathered watching him drink and chill (a bit weird but whatever). Next thing you know it's 3:15 and you look over and there is no big crowd of people there anymore. He had moved up to another VIP area out of sight. A friend of mine who had VIP access told me he saw him exit through the back and go back on his tourbus. I found a promotor and confirmed that he was not performing anymore. I guess the incident was someone kicking off with him or his team for allowing it to get to 3am and there being no live performance.

I walked home VERY tired and very upset. I love The Game, I end up listening to him in some degree most days and have done for the last however many years. But to think he came to a different city, came to a club to perform, sat about drinking and procrastinating and then found a reason to exit in a huff makes me think he's a dickhead. Not the best start to my week, he's been nailed on since Monday.

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