Thursday, 18 February 2016


Yoooo I flew off to Dam this weekend with a few real ones, here's a few things I bothered to take pictures of. On review I haven't got loads of amazing photos of everything I saw and did because we were all pretty fucked all weekend haha.

The flight is mental, like I knew it was short but you're hardly in the air. We spent longer sat waiting to go than in the air.

I'm 3 photos down already and I'm realising I'm not giving you much as far as commentary goes. I've gone back and wrote in some stuff so that won't make any sense. You don't really even need me here to tell you that this is a photo of me and the guys I went with out for dinner do you?

I took a load of Wickedland stickers and plastered them all over the place.

My sister told me about the street food and how it's an insane paradise for hungry stoners. She wasn't wrong.

More red light district WL stickers

This sandwich I had the next day was so nice. I never have salad at home but if ever I get it with shit like this I'm always buzzing.

This was some triple decker grilled sandwich with chicken, bacon and a load of other stuff. It was so nice.

Queers bar. Jamie and Max look like a firm or something, in their olive coats and adidas shoes hahaha. Queers away

The graffiti was ok. I guess there is such a high footfall everywhere all hours there isn't much room to get up in Dam central. I regret not taking more photos of the buildings.

This is such a weird blog post because it's not like I'm really lifting the lid on anything sensational is it, like everyone has been to Dam and knows what it's like

This made me laugh. Surely this would make pisshead brit abroad yobs wanna specifically piss on your door out of defiance.

Basically an easier way to think of me is as a tastemaker for Maxs instagram. Anything that's not cats you can bank on the fact I probably drew his attention to it.

This might be my favourite photo I took all weekend. I love the composition and with the owner pissing himself in the background. On Saturday when Brad, Tom and Dan went to the Heineken Experience myself, Max and Jamie went for a mooch around the city.

Everywhere was battered with stickers. The city had such a thick personality.

Can we get these everywhere please @McDonalds? Serious game changer.

This was the Maestro burger. I wish I kept some sort of log of all the different McDonalds I'd had in different countries. I guess I do, and this blog is it. So what, shut up, I can't be arsed to go back and compile it all. Check out those fries though. Weird right? Like proper chips with mayo.

It was very good.

They had these little places that vended individual burgers that were a couple of euros each. 

Loooooutish Briiiiiiits abroooooad, we are the looooooutish Briiiiiits abroaaaad

Bradley killed it, he ordered 3 McDonalds after this night out and sat and battered the lot. What a time to be alive

All those little street vendor places had these hotdogs with loads of toppings that were cooked and then they like recook them in this oven. This was a 'chicken and spicy' one. They were €5 and worth every cent.

I also had this pretty notable brownie cheesecake. I'd get so fucking fat if I lived there.

That's your lot! If you've been, I get it now, what a wonderful little place. If you've not, go! I'm already planning my second trip. Thanks for reading

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