Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I used to work in a cornershop from when I was 13 and the shopkeeper had a 3 year old son. I worked there for years so I grew really close to the family and even now when I pop in from time to time the son is still really fond of me. It's nuts because these days he is 17. I remember when I first realised the shop sold porn magazines, thinking that kid has no idea how lucky he is; When he is old enough and wants to, he'll be able to just steal them, look through them and put them back and his parents will be oblivious. Little did I know wifi and broadband and tablets and laptops and smartphones were going to become such a regular thing in everyday life. I really had no idea at all.

I spent 4 days in London over last weekend. Here are some highlights. The first evening there I went to go and see a live performance of The Brilliant Idiots podcast. The queue was insanely long and slow. Turns out the box office had wristbands all sorted out into envelopes with peoples names written on them and they had to go through them to find yours. How fucking nuts and illogical is that?

It was shambolic and mindless.

The show was sick, I'd never been to anything like it before. It was like a stand up show where they kind of just make it up as they go along and encourage heckling. Odd experience but very fun non the less.

I had one of these muller yoghurts at my sisters. One of those low fat ones they aim at women. I'm sure it was a clever trick the way they put all these little grooves in the pot so you can't get all the yoghurt out and want another one. Really pissed me off. Chocolate orange flavour though, very delicious.

I went to Brixton Village with Ben, Jamie and Curtis on Saturday night. It's a massive like indoor market that's filled with places all selling street food. Everything you can imagine. The corridors of the market are full of tables and benches under halogen heaters and everyone grazing. We went to this Mexican spot and had burritos that were as big as small babies. They were fucking delicious. Mountains of sweet potato fries too. I cannot wait to go back there and try something new.

We went to some pub after. Some girl had a dress on with a full on collar and buttons down the back. Is that a thing? Looked reaaaaally like she had it on backwards. If you know, let me know if it's a thing.

Jamie bought this VR headset. You put your phone in a little viewfinder and watch shit on it and it feels like it's right in front of you. It's pretty cool. I think the content that is out there to stream at the minute isn't great, but you can watch stuff filmed on those 360 cameras and as you move the image moves in front of you. I copped one too (only £12 from Amazon) because I'm sure pretty soon there is going to be some amazing stuff for it.

Nice little bit of typography above a fresh doughnut hatch

I think this is the most delicious drink in the world. It's so citrusy and refreshing and light. This is way up there on the list of things I really love at the minute.

The most mental thing happened in this bar we were in watching the Leicester v Southampton game. About halfway through the first half someone started rewinding the Sky feed and went about a minute behind actual time. That was fine, it just meant we couldn't check twitter until halftime. So a few minutes later it starts rewinding again! This time it's 3/4 minutes behind actual time. Fuck knows what was going on. Anyway, a few minutes later, out of nowhere whoever it was presses the Sky button and it skips forward to regular time. The ball is in play, and the score is 1-0 to Leicester. Myself and a bunch of my Leicester friends who I was watching the game with missed the goal, the one goal in this game. I turned around and figured out who it was who kept fucking with it. Some idiot bloke behind the bar. He said 'It's live now' as if that made it ok. Why the fuck was he touching the remote in the first place? Cretin

Little faceswap with Benny Melbs. We all had a go, it was a great laugh.

Martial's hair is insane isn't it. Look at that fade. He earns so much money, who is he letting do that to his hair?

What about for hard men?

We went to some Vietnamese restaurant after the games. Ben ordered frogs legs as a starter. I tried them. Didn't blow my mind at all, they literally really did taste like chicken. They were way way bigger than I thought they would be.


Monday evening I went to Patty and Bun with jamie, Rosie, Josh and Ben. I'd spent the whole day larking about with SPT and Kyle Platts and I completely forgot to get a photo.

This burger really was very very nice. Jamie got these wings that had this mental coating all over them, I can't wait to have some again. I also had a honeycomb and clotted cream milkshake. Imagine that.

That was some of the things that I saw and did and ate last weekend. I completely forgot to take photos half of the time so it's so patchy. I'm sure you're all gutted. I'm meeting Olly tomorrow to record a podcast so look out for that. Thanks for visiting!

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