Friday, 22 April 2016



AH GOD. THIS. Every year it fucking pains me to the core of my being. Now and again in life there will be something that completely and solely typifies something that annoys you. Something will come along and sum it all up for you, so you can point your finger and say 'that! That is the thing that annoys me about all of this.' Nothing encapsulates how posey and pretentious festivals have become like the way people dress for Coachella.

It's not the 70s, it's not Woodstock and you're not hippies. Stop trying so hard.

This is a real account I found during my research. No wonder this cancerous culture exists.

It's almost become a parody of itself with it's bindis, flowered headdresses, glitter and 'boho' clothes. I cannot take it. I hate the way people dress for festivals. Just go and be you. Just wear the clothes you like to wear all the time. Actually have an identity. It's not a fucking fashion show, it's a music festival. Lads do it in this country at festivals too. You go to any festival these days and every cunt has a big oversized retro sports jacket on, short shorts and pulled up white sports socks. So uniform.

Bikini model Devin Brugman asks 'Can we dress everyday like it's Coachella?' The answer is yes. Yes you can. Absolutely nothing is stopping you. If that is the way you like to dress then absolutely, you can dress like that all year round.

That's the thing with my Instagram feed. I follow a lot of beautiful women. With that there is a double edged sword. On the one hand I'm dazzled daily by the beauty of some of these girls. On the other I find myself and the depths of fury at least 3 times a day really picking apart someones selfie. Fuming at the way the way vanity has just become such a common part of popular culture. Naturally, these soulless airheads jump on any trend just to be a part of it, and every year the way they dress for Coachella makes me want to die. 

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