Friday, 8 April 2016



Another week, another homemade star of viral video's on Facebook takes the crown. The man of the hour is this guy 'Rondogg' who posts videos (which annoyingly are not vines) about relatable subjects for young people. 'Growing up in the 90s' was the one that tipped me over the edge yesterday. I feel like this sort of subject matter is the Peter Kay stand up for a certain generation of people. Basic, entry level 'humour' that is posed as relatable stuff so you share and appreciate it. Really whips the mindless masses into a frenzy. I've never really understood the appeal.

As for the lad himself, I can't get past the fact he has his nose and his lip pierced. My own personal weird hang up, I know, but for me that's enough to warrant thick hatred. That, coupled with his forced, over the top, cheeky chappy cockney accent puts him firmly in the relegation zone. Other than that he's relatively inoffensive. It's more the crap he appropriates and creates that irks me.

Here is a link to his Facebook page so you can go and see the videos for yourself and make your own mind up. I don't know where my issue lies with this sort of stuff. I cannot figure out the root of the problem. Is it that the bar of what I consider 'humour' is too high? I wish I could find this sort of shit entertaining, life must be incredible for those people. So free. There's so much amazing stuff in the world you can watch and read, and even if you tried to watch it all you would fail. It truly hurts me that watching stuff like this is how people choose to spend their days.

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