Saturday, 23 April 2016



I kind of like that style, the big, bold, weird insult greeting. I went to see The Football Ramble live last weekend. They're four blokes who do a football podcast I've been listening to for years now. Everyone in the crowd looked like people who didn't quite make the cut for the 'Ladbrokes life' adverts. 

The actual show itself was a bit underwhelming. I enjoyed it, but it was all a bit steady paced. It was literally just those four blokes sat doing the podcast live. Sounds dumb and obvious, but I kind of expected them to go off script a bit. It shattered the illusion a little bit. Like a lot of the jokes that seemed off the cuff were scripted. Plus the theatre it was in was so so bad, like the acoustics were shocking, the mics kept cutting out and it was really hard to hear what they were saying at times.

I went to Slug with Max the other day. Went mental and ordered so much food. Part of my order was the 'buttered green beans and broccoli'. Look at this underwhelming, dead shit. Fuck me. Just take it off the fucking menu. Could it look more depressing? Very rubbish.

Delivery blokes are a laugh aren't they. Just make up the rules as they go along. I imagine there's a lot of under lying anxiety that goes along with being one of those blokes who works for a courier service.

BIG BIRD MAN BACK ON CAMPUS! Brad asked if I think he is one of the most photographed people in Leicester. Surely he would be right?

Fucking students. Town Hall Square has never been the place for football. Don't bring a football to town hall square. It's not really that kind of place. 

Has pulled pork gone to far now? In soup? Really? Seriously? Do we need this? Do you have to tell us it's pulled, really. It's kind of obvious isn't it, there isn't going to be a big fuck off pork chop in this carton is there? Ridiculous scenes from New Covent Garden Soup Co.

Someone is waging a civil war trying to pit Nico against me. It's ok, I'm calm with it.

Alright I cooked the biggest tub of pasta you've ever seen in your life. This has got everything in it. 2kg chicken breasts, 3 whole chorizo, 3 bags of pasta (brown pasta which is surprisingly nice, I recommend making the switch) 5 red peppers, 6 red onions, a jar of sundried tomatoes, half a jar of jalapeƱos, 500g's sweetcorn and then a sauce I made with tinned tomatoes, basil, garlic, tomato paste, chilli powder, salt and pepper. It's honestly so delicious. Maybe these photos don't do it justice but this pot is absolutely huuuuuge. It feels incredible getting stuck into it. 

That's your lot! Go and enjoy what's left of your weekends, see you all soon.

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