Thursday, 21 April 2016



It's been so long since I've posted one of these general posts I've had to split it into two parts. Is that good? Would you rather have little and often or would you rather just get bombarded with this shit once every couple of weeks? You don't care and neither do I.

Imagine standing in a doorway and chatting. Stupid fucking divs. This stuff is bang up there with the most annoying shit people can do. Another one is when you're getting to someones yard and they don't get their key out ready. They'll wait until they get to their door to start rummaging and trying to find it.

I never usually crave this kind of pizza, but I really fancied some the other night. I love how anywhere what does these kind of pizzas always has them 2 for 1. I hammered them.

It's weird when you see old birds with big wild hair isn't it. I wonder what sub culture or fashion or whatever they were into that made them want their hair like this.


I love Crafty so much. It makes me so so happy to have it just down the road. I went with Max and Dan and we took Jamie along too (as he had never been) to show him what all the fuss was about. This may have been the best one I've ever had, it was truly delicious.

I wonder what sort of weird things you have to go through in your formative years to make you grow up to be a Sam Smith tribute act.

Here's the sloz boys! L-R: Simon Webb, Lee Ryan, Antony Costa and the other one.

Still about, still putting in work. It would be fun to see the mileage he's done on that bike wouldn't it.

Darryl having a good look at Chubs. I can't remember if it was 2 b's or 1 in 'Chubs'. I'm going with 1. Me and Darryl were working on a song for my new EP, out 6th May!

Do you ever have the snacks on deck and do that thing where you roll up the bottom of the bag so it sits up and open and you don't have to get the dust from the crisps or whatever all over your hand when you dive in? Pretty sick life hack. Always I clocked that this is where Walkers got their inspiration from for the superbowls. I don't even know what they're actually called, but those new sharing packets they've made that open up like a bowl. Round here we call that the Superbowl.

That's your lot! I'll have more of this for you on Saturday!

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