Friday, 15 April 2016



That's it. I've worked out the single most annoying demographic. For years you've been trying to work out if it's hippies, vegans, gym wankers or tories. I've cracked it. It's absolutely and definitely people who make videos to become famous on Facebook. They haven't got the numbers hippies or gym wankers have, but pound for pound they take the crown.

This weeks effort comes from Jonathan Pie. He built his brand in a video where he poses as a newscaster losing his rag on air, pulling his ear piece and going off script, talking about how corrupt the news and the media is and blah blah fucking blah. Naturally with that sort of stating the obvious, us against the corrupt media stuff on Facebook it became huge, did massive numbers.

Jonathan told us to stick our difficult second album syndrome up our arses as he continues to pump out these videos all in a similar tone, lifting the lid on what's really going on in the media and the government. I'm so fucking exhausted with this shit. I'm exhausted with his narrative. People who care enough to bother to make these sort of videos and seriously think they're gonna change anything. Exhausted with people who by default find satire and parody funny without objection. Maybe I'm not politically motivated enough and that's why this sort of 'humour' doesn't resonate with me, but I cannot help that people feel like they have to pretend to give a shit and find this sort of thing funny. It's painful.

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