Friday, 1 April 2016



Anyone who knows me well enough will know how mad superhero movies drive me. They're like the lamest acceptable thing for adults to be into. My timeline has been a state recently because Superman vs Batman is out in cinemas at the minute. Now let it be said that I'm interested in things that I know are bad taste. Before German Whip made it a little bit more mainstream, grime could be considered bad taste. I've got plenty of things I love that are awful, but I can admit it. Why is it people who like superhero movies can't seem to accept that they're all so so shit? Everyone follows the same linear plot line and leans heavily on special effects to mask poor casting and a shit story.

The one that maybe get's a pass is The Dark Knight, not to my taste, but a genuinely critically acclaimed film. Aside from that they're just mindless slop made to rob the public. I read today that Superman v Batman is rated 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. You don't have to be much of a maths whizz to work out that is less than 3/10. How fucked is that? Yet it grossed $166,007,347 on it's opening weekend. So I guess I'm the prick, and like with Fast and Furious I should get on board.

I was about 15 when I first started actively trying to get into watching good movies. A friend of mine posed me the idea that even if you tried you'd never be able to see every film ever made, let alone every good one. It shifted something in my head and my taste in general. I suddenly become a lot more interested in trying to pay attention to good media. No more shit TV. No more shit movies, no matter how easy to consume they are. Every time one of these shit superhero movies comes and smashes the box office a part of me dies.

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