Sunday, 5 February 2017


Obviously I’ve been eating since I stopped writing. I’d be dead otherwise, that’s how it works. Here’s some notable highlights I’ve put in my mouth over the last few months.

Five Guys is so good. I’m never going to get bored of it. Whenever I’m craving a proper meaty beef burger they’re just the best. Look at this beautiful work of art.

I went to Portugal in late October for my older sister Natalie’s birthday. Little weekend away. It was fun, as Portugal always is, but the highlight was this steak I had. It was ‘Portuguese style’ which apparently means served in a gravy made with brandy, with crispy bacon and potatoes. It was literally the best steak I’ve ever had in my whole life. Blinding.

This is one of my favourite things to eat in Leicester. Jones’s on Queens Road is known for it’s breakfasts, but other than that they have a wonderful menu with a few little gems. This is the chicken and bacon bagel burger. It’s full of loads of good shit, and the fries come with chilli and Parmesan. It’s really good, next time you’re up that way go and get one. Get one and read WL on your phone while you do.

Do you know about the lunch menu at St Martins Coffee? They’ve got a bunch of nice toasted sandwiches and they serve portions of homemade fries. Get involved. Here’s me, Sandy and Ben having a lovely fucking time. Note how happy Ben is with his WL hand sign.

Boneyard opened! Myself and some of my arty friends did some work there and as part of the payment we ate like kings. The menu is so vast and varied, we tried to sample as much of the menu as we could. Go and get the wings, they’re real nice.

One of the best investments of my adult life has been this sandwich press I bought a couple years back. I thought I won’t scrimp, I’ll spend a bit, and I’ll reap the rewards. Here I am, being smug, showing off one of the sarnies. This is a pesto chicken joint with red onions, sundried tomatoes and cheese. They were bloody good.

I’ve gotten into a bad habit. If it’s super late and I’ve not got any snacks in I’ve took to ringing one of those dessert places. The last time I did this was the most notable thing I got. Peanut butter cookie dough. Did you know that was a thing? Neither did I until I spotted it on this menu. It was every bit as good as it looks. Cookie dough’s great isn’t it.

This might be the nicest thing I’ve cooked since I downed tools. They were kind of like a Bombay potatoes, shallow fried with a load of nice little veggies and spices. I grilled some chicken to go with it. Annoying that fried food is so bad for you isn’t it. Imagine how wonderfully different the world would be if it wasn’t. I wanna eat these little potatoes every single day but I don’t want to have a heart attack in my 30s.

L Buongustai is a new Italian food shop that’s opened up on Granby Street opposite The Last Plantagenet. I promise you the food is way better the name of the place. It’s pure rustic and hand made. Dishes are all about £5-9 and they’ve got a massive menu. I had this chicken dish with potatoes and peppers in a tomato sauce and the soup of the day. How good is fresh homemade soup? The fresh baked bread that came with it was only 50p as well. Go get lunch there, it’s dead good.

My younger sister Rose made a ‘Boxing Day pie’ this year. It was all the leftovers from our Christmas dinner in a pie, with cranberry sauce on the bottom and the rest of the gravy poured over it. It was fucking sublime. It was just as you’d imagine, like that last mouthful of a Christmas dinner where you have a bit of everything on your fork, but in a pie. You could only just taste the cranberry sauce too so that way nice haha.

Boxing Day dinner is always a fun one in my house. I enjoy it as much as our actual Christmas dinner. Just cold cuts and pickles and shit but I love plates where you have loads of different flavours on them.

Back doing them thangs with the sandwich press. Pesto chicken, red onions and chilli cheese. Little tip though; don’t buy the fresh baked paninis from Sainsbury’s. They’re so crusty they’re basically crunchy.

That's your lot! Go and eat something now.

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